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16th October 2001, 05:57
I know, it`s not a 100% Matrox topic, but I think that part of what is described here by "Ceiser Söze" will be part of the new gfx card that we will see before christmas according to Haig.

Go follow the link and be amazed:

If Ceiser Söze speaks the truth (and I don`doubt it) we are about to see a revolution of the graphics sector, not an evolution.

MK :)

16th October 2001, 07:12
Ich rechne mit einer baldigen Ankündigung und einem Verkaufsstart in diesem Jahr. Könnte sein, dass die AIB-Hersteller etwas länger brauchen, da das PCB-Design wegen des eDRAM etwas speziell ist.

Interesting, very interesting if my german is a good as I think.

16th October 2001, 08:34
Well, what i make from it is that there will be an announcement and selling this year.

Infineon builds the chips and there will be dual boards.
According to the bitboys specs and to what that Ceiser dude is telling the single chip board will be faster then a GF3 ti500.

Ich vermute daher, dass der Single Chip Avalanche etwas schneller als eine Ti-500 ist (ehrlich gesagt vermute ich nicht nur... hab da nämlich etwas über den ersten lauffähigen Prototypen des Glaze3D gehört ).

it is not sure what the exact position of Matrox is in all this, but someone on that board is saying that matrox will bring out a 'gamers' board without an Matrox-chip on it.

isn't this exactly what people have been shouting here for over a year now ;)

i surely hope that Matrox will bring out such a revolutionary card. I'm really getting sick of the bad Nvidia drivers

16th October 2001, 08:39
i shall wait for a few more weeks, then i will build a new system, and if bitboys or matrox havent announced anything to compete with the AIW 8500 (not the standard 8500), i will get one of those, if they announced something and it looks promising, i will keep my g400 max for a little while longer.

PS: anyone there who wants to give me some money, so i can get a dual athlon system??? :D :cool: :D

16th October 2001, 08:41
Where did you read that somebody said, Matrox releases a card without a Matrox chip ??? IMHO the next card from big `M` will feature Bitboys technology, but will have a Matrox chip on board.


16th October 2001, 08:56
Vor einiger Zeit hab ich mal auf Antilles gelesen, daß einer von Matrox gesagt hat, daß man den Gamer Markt NICHT aufgeben wird!!
Es wird weiterhin Karten für den Gamer Markt geben (NICHT Aber Chips von Matrox!!)

Personally i don't think that Matrox will only use technology from Bitboys. If they are up to something with Bitboys, they WILL use the entire chip.
I don't see Matrox building an Edram chip themselves when it took Infineon years to complete the process. (the original BB-Glaze3D was completely done, but didn't make the market becuase Infineon had troubles making the tech ready for mass-production)

Think of it, an Matrox quality board/drivers with the fastest graphic chip(s) on earth. (Ceiser Söze was talking about 200-250 fps Q3 1600x1200!!!)

16th October 2001, 09:02
sounds like he know what he is talking about..

wonder how long... do I see Nappe posting here? ;)


16th October 2001, 09:07
Michel - with a little patience, we will see who`s on the right side.

MK :)

18th October 2001, 14:07
We are living interesting times my friends.

One guy at 3Dgpu has to live without hair few weeks. and that will be (hopefully) happening soon.
another one has to eat a can of dog food and prove it with pictures at nvnews...


ahh.. I really hope that my dream about Matrox card with Bitboys 3D is coming reality at last. It would be much better than I have expected ever...

Ceiser Söze
19th October 2001, 06:03
Hi @ll,
just wanted to make some things clear:

-I don't know if Matrox is going to use Bitboys-technology (or even BB-chips) on their next gaming-card. I just said that it might be possible (there are many things that hints towards it as you certainly know).
-About the 200fps in Quake3 (1600x1200x32): I don't know this too. I just took the maximum fillrate of a dual-chip board (I think that there will be one because Bitboys has trademarks on "Avalanche" and "Avalanche Dual") which would be 2.8 Gtexels/sec (taken from the editorials at bitboys.com). Then I assumed that the chips won't be bandwith-limited because of the insane eDRAM-bandwith (about 44Gbytes/sec) and calculated how many frames would be possible in a typical QuakeIII-scenario with a maximum fillrate of 1.4Gpixels/sec or 2.8Gtexels/sec and no bandwith limitations - about 200 frames in 1600x1200x32...

19th October 2001, 08:18
hi ceiser, nice to see you here too ;)


19th October 2001, 08:28
Welcome to the forums. Now let the SPECULATING begin.:)

regards MD

19th October 2001, 17:20
Hail Ceiser !

Do you have any concrete info about the birth of this bit boys technology? (when it will be ready? What sort of licensing arangements the Bitboys would use? I am afraid that my German is very poor, and I could not translate you original aticle.

Thanks & welcome

I take it that the g799.999 or whatever, if fitted with this tech would be the card to beat for a week or 2?

Would this tech be of a type which would be comaptable with the near perfect (for me ;) )Ramdac of the G400 series?


1st November 2001, 12:14
Doesn't sound good what I read over at beyond3d about the Bitboys.

Does anyone have infos about what might have gone wrong?

1st November 2001, 13:06
Not anymore.... :/

I am sorry but I cannot tell more... you will hear it later...

1st November 2001, 14:04
Now that I ~know what happened, I'd like to swear and scream and bang my fists in the wall 'til they bleed... But that wouldn't do much good, would it. Why does it ALWAYS have to be THEM? I've heard of history repeating, but this is so sad it's almost ridiculous.

1st November 2001, 21:45
I really wonder what went wrong, as everything sounded really good. If I remember right, they must have something 'real' by now?
Too sad - especially after all the optimistic rumors in the last weeks.

2nd November 2001, 01:11
They something real. it will be tested by major websites and press, but because chip manufacturer, it will never seen on the shelves.

still, BB is far from dead and they continue developing next gen...

this is a second time when manufacturer problems causes fully ready chip not going to massproduction

2nd November 2001, 04:32
Knowing how much you were looking forward to this product I feel your disappointment.

regards MD

2nd November 2001, 13:02
mdhome - I second that !

MK :(

2nd November 2001, 13:21
Yes, it sounds like a bad joke. They are ready for production, but looks like Infineon now doesn't want to start mass production - for whatever reasons they may have.
Hope they find another manufacturer to go with.

2nd November 2001, 17:55
the new gfx card that we will see before christmas according to Haig.



2nd November 2001, 21:06
Not before Christmas Haig? It is time for something really new and I was looking forward to watching Matrox really assert themselves for a change.

6th November 2001, 01:49
Didn`t you hint towards an announcement before christmas 2001 ? I am 100% sure I read something like that in the Matrox Forums ...


6th November 2001, 04:25
well, I am now waiting news about their next gen... and hoping that this would be their time.

but when I heard confirmation to news, I was playing one of the Commodore 64 game music classics. after I heard the news, I did not wanted change track within next 4 fours.

If you have SID player, you probably have this tune already. but after last thursday, this piece of music got even more sadly at least for me. track which I was playing was Spy vs. Spy Intro (by: Mike Riedel) (http://www.c64.org/HVS/HVSids/C64Music/GAMES/S-Z/Spy_vs_Spy.sid)

Still life goes on and when the reviews arrive, ATI and nVidia will be hitting their heads on the wall...

Electric Amish
6th November 2001, 07:46

You might as well build that system now. I doubt we'll see anyting from M before the new year.

I don't know where anybody got the idea that there would be anything new announced before x-mas.


6th November 2001, 09:46
Didn`t you hint towards an announcement before christmas 2001 ?

The only thread that comes to mind is this one:



6th November 2001, 11:47
ok lets stop trying to pump haig for information. he's made it semi clear that something's coming but, understandably, can't say what and i think thats all we're going to get out of him for now.
he'll tell us when he can dont worry about that.
it kind of makes it exiting if we wonder what is coming rather than knowind all the details.
just like christmas was when you were a kid.
anyway to summarise:
1.something will be released in 2002.
2.a card is being worked on that will please all.
3. thats all were getting for now.

Fat Tone
7th November 2001, 00:14
borat, you are forgetting that the reason so many of us are anxious for news is that we don't want to jump ship if we don't have to. Not many of us can afford to spend hundreds of pounds/dollars on a graphics card too often. I'd hate to buy that 8500 and then hear that M has something for us in 2 months, but there's a limit to how long we can string along with such faint rumours and delays.

At least we all know when Christmas is :)