View Full Version : CornerStone Montior C1025

9th October 2001, 11:20
Over at Montiorsdirect.com they have a refurbished C1025 21 inch monitor on sale for $400 bucks. I know that a couple other MURCer are very happy with their CornerStone's, but I'm wondering if anyone in particular has this model and how much they like it. It seems to be a pretty good deal for $400 bucks....


9th October 2001, 11:36
The c1025 is the newer version of my 50/95 21" and that's the same one Joel has... I've seen his firsthand and it's a peach :)


I would suggest getting the extended warranty... just because it's well worth $$ spent if something did go awry :)

9th October 2001, 18:03
Yes that is the one I have and I am very pleased with it. With the Matrox G400 it is very easy on the eyes. I run mine at 1280x960 at 85Hz but it will easly do 1600x1200 at 75Hz without any flicker I can notice. Convergence is very good with no drop off in image quality as it moves to the corners. And with a 0.26mm dot pitch things look very smooth. From what I understand they no longer make the c1025 but make the c1030 in is place. I would say that $400.00 is a very good deal and like Mike said see if you can get the extended warranty. I feel that this company must feel pretty good about it's products because I got a 3 year advanced replacement warranty for $20.00. And Mike can tell you that they do stand behind it.