View Full Version : G450 TV Microsoft-output

1st October 2001, 22:17
Why the heck can't I use my TV-out function in any other OS than M$ Windoze? I could be using Linux now, watching DVD's and demos from my TV. I'm using Linux almost 100%, but because of this have to stick to Windoze if I want to use the TV! This sucks! I've also noticed that G400 can display most DOS SVGA modes in the TV, which G450, "superior" later model, can't. Is this because of there's some new hardware that only works in Windoze (bad case) or is Matrox wed to M$ (even worse)?!

2nd October 2001, 08:58
This isn't the place for senseless rants. Now, if you wanted help getting things to work, that would have been different.

And I'm pretty sure the G450 TV-out works just fine.

4th October 2001, 01:17
I got carried away, but this thing isn't exactly fun, or is it? I'd love to help but if that means I have to code pure C, I'll think again. I hate C but love C++.

And no, I can't use G450 TV-output in any other OS than Windows. Check Matrox's XFree86 driver readme, it says clearly that TV-out isn't working in G450. Framebuffer driver in Linux Kernel source also indicates that it's not possible to use G450-TV in Linux nor anywhere else than M$ OS'. And I have tried, for Bob's sake!