View Full Version : Anyone Seen the Size of the P4 478Pin Socket?

28th September 2001, 11:56
We got in a newer board to try out with a newer chip on demo... and the board is the new 478 Pin

Talk about small socket...its about the size of the chipset on most other boards...

Can anyone say P4 Notebooks soon...

Plus Greebe mentioned in another thread about the P4 ramping up far and fast real soon... with the size of this socket I can believe it..

Maybe we are closer to .13 Process CPUs that most are led to believe.

ALBPM, Oboy... any input from the Guys inside? :)

28th September 2001, 12:39
130nm process, I'd say eYup to that!

28th September 2001, 13:22
Yes, we have an 2,0Ghz P4 in Socket 478 on an ASUS P4B motherboard on test now!

Thats one little processor!

Our processor is based on the Wilmate core.....