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19th September 2001, 16:21
Haven't seen any game benchmarks using the new beta drivers so I thought I'd post some.

Asus P3V4X mobo
Intel PIII 933mhz (not O/C)
512mb Mushkin PC133 CAS2 SDRAM
Maxtor 30gig Ultra/66 HD
Creative 48X CD
SB Live value
Matrox Millenium G550
Win98 SE

Powerdesk Drivers: 6.71.011
default settings: 133/166 core/memory
overclocked settings: 150/188 core/memory

four.dm_66 demo (latest patch)

default 48.5
o/c 49.3

default 37.2
o/c 43.9

normal (1024X768)
default 20.7
o/c 28.8

default 27.3
o/c 29.3

UT (latest patch)
Texture detail-High, World Detail-High, Dynamic Lighting-ON

default 65.7
o/c 66.9

default 58.0
o/c 60.3

default 47.2
o/c 51.0

3DMark 2001
16bit-Textures 16bit-Zbuffer

default 1627
o/c 1631

default 1586
o/c 1610

default 1463
o/c 1507

Looks like overall D3D does pretty well but the OpenGL ICD is somewhat lacking. I must say though that I play all my games at 1024X768X16 and even OpenGL games play fairly smoothly, including Q3A. It would be nice to see a performance OpenGL ICD like the 3DFX voodoo series of cards have with the WickedGL drivers from Metabyte. The only additional cooling I have for the video card is a Radio Shack fan on the stock heatsink so I think it could do better with additional cooling.

This is the first Matrox card I've owned since about 3 years ago when I had a Millenium G200 so I'm not sure if these scores are good or bad...I just thought I'd throw them out there for everyone to see...:D

19th September 2001, 16:24
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21st September 2001, 12:13
They seem about the same as my G400 non-max 32 meg card, and I have a slower processor. I run a P3 @880, and a BX motherboard. Both the Quake3 and the 3Dmark2k1 scores are almost identical. Not too great for a card that is 2 years newer. Of course my card doesnt do head casting. Oh well.