View Full Version : SMP Rig for sale!

18th September 2001, 14:00
Hey folks, looking to unload my SMP rig. Here's what the lucky purchaser can obtain:

1 - MSI 694DPro-AIR modified (no hardware changes) for full IDE RAID.

2 - P3-700's, retail boxed, that DO work at 933 (might need better fans though... *wink*)

2 - 256MB PC150 CL2 SDRAM DIMMs (total of 512MB for the math-impaired)

In addition, if there's any interest, I'd be willing to part with:

1 - Adaptec 29160 Ultra160 SCSI controller

1 - Ultra2 9GB IBM Drive

1 - Turtle Beach Santa Cruz

1 - Hercules Game Theater XP

1 - 16GB IBM 7200RPM U66 IDE drive

Ok, make offers! My e-mail is gurm42@hotmail.com, thanks!

- Gurm