View Full Version : A Question about Millenium/Mystique

15th September 2001, 15:47
Hi, guys...

I am about to purchase a bit old Matrox card. The products I see are Millenium II and Mystique 220, and the price difference is minimal. Please, someone help to reach a right decision.

#1. Which one is faster in what applications?
(Mystique, Mystique220, Millenium, Millenium II PCI, Millenium II AGP)

I was searching for bench-mark result all over the net, and found one that says Mystique is faster than Millenium. Is that true?

#2. Are there any differences in Rainbow Runner Studio(original) for Mystique and Millenium?

I see the Rainbow Runner Studio for Millenium has more pins than one for Mystique. Is any one faster in capturing video?

Thank you very much.

15th September 2001, 16:19
One thread will suffice