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8th September 2001, 04:24
Does anyone know of a mobile phone that caters for the hard of hearing by allowing such use of the T factor?

8th September 2001, 08:41
I wish I knew m8 I would glady help if I knew - good luck in finding out - sorry Iam unable to help :(

8th September 2001, 09:31
Does vibrating ringtone count?

9th September 2001, 05:27
Nokia used to make and sell an induction loop handsfree kit for thier 6100 and 7100 series mobile phones - they first announced it in 1998:


Not using a hearing aid myself, I don't know how good it is, and I don't even know if they still make it, but even if they don't it will still fit a Nokia 6210 because they have the same connector, so a second-hand one might be viable.

I think basically you get a loop that goes around your neck, with a microphone on the front. You can leave your phone in a pocket, and when you get a call you set your hearing aid to induction loop pickup ('T' mode?) and push the button on the mic, and everything should work.

One of my friends was going to buy this, it was a specialist order item, and I think the price was around 40 ukp a few years ago.

Hope this help,


9th September 2001, 05:32
Just found a picture:


This is the newer model I think. They also fit the newer type connector Nokia phones, like the 3210, 8210 etc.

Oh, and I've just found it for sale in the UK at:


and then look for accessories for your chosen Nokia phone. The price is actually around 70, not 40 as I said before - sorry.


9th September 2001, 08:01
Thanks very much for the information. I've bookmarked the pages and will look into it.