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7th September 2001, 12:19
Hi there,

well, I was willing to buy the Marvel G400 but I can't find it anywhere, so I'm going for the G450eTV. Got some questions though :

1) I would like to know how the G450 eTV performs when capturing in uncompressed AVI or Huffy using a high-speed processor (P4 1,7 GHz Northwood with RDRAM)

2) which type of RAM (Rambus or DDR 2100) is better suited for video capturing and editing ?

3) Does the G450 enable TV recording under Windows 2000 ?

4) Any known problems with this card ?

Thx in advance for the answers.

8th September 2001, 04:58
*bump* no answers

8th September 2001, 12:46

In answer to some of your questions (I don't own a G450 etv):

1. CPU doesn't really matter after about 650MHz or so, rather fast hard drives are the key for uncompressed or Huffy video.

2. Since you have RDRAM, its probably as good as DDR for video editing/capture.

3. Yes it does (As far as I know)

4. None that I've heard about.

Hope this helps.