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Reverend Maynard
6th September 2001, 22:19
Howdy all.

Here is the problem I ran into tonight. A friend of mine has an old P-Pro 180 with a WD 8 gig hdd. He was working/doing his thing and he restarted the computer. After post it just sits there and does nothing.

I tried a 98 bootdisk, and it says the HDD isn't formatted for windows, not fat/fat 32. In FDISK it sees the partition but reads it as non-dos.

Is there any way to get it back to fat 32 without repartitioning it? And is there any way to prevent this nonsense from happening in the future.

7th September 2001, 08:13
Partitioning has nothing to do with the file system(s) installed; i.e. the partition is probably fine but the FS has been corrupted. Try a disk repair utility that supports the installed FS (sure it was FAT32?).

7th September 2001, 10:20
He is running 98 and not NT/W2k. If it's NT/Win2k it may report non dos. If it is 98 or 95 try getting hold of Nortons Utilities and boot off the cd.