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5th September 2001, 13:21
I am thinking of building a computer with AMD Thunderbird.

Price of the CPU is very tempting, but I am not feeling safe due to the chipset problems people are complaining about...

What will be the best motherboard with maximum stability?

I will put:

Soundblaster Live!
Pioneer DVD
Plextor 16X10X40
Generic Network Adaptor

I heard about imcompatibility issue with VIA and SBLive!, and some people are saying about "Southbridge" issue, which will be problematic with IDE CD-ROM/DVD-ROM/CD-RW.

Can anyone explain these things more in detail?


5th September 2001, 13:25
ASUS A7V266 based on VIA KT266 chipset

This is a very good AMD motherboard. I use it in my computer home, and it's stable! If you would like an SDRAM solution, go for the

ASUS A7V133 based on VIA KT133A chipset

5th September 2001, 13:30
I can vote for the KT266, too - stability-wise it might be the best VIA has ever produced. And the lacking performance (not really lacking but not quite what you'd expect from DDR, either) is cured with the KT266A.

So just be sure you get a mainboard with the A revision and you'll have a damn fast AND stable computer. Even NVidia with their double-channel DDR will have some trouble to reach the numbers the KT266A gets.

5th September 2001, 15:05
Why would anyone buy VIA crap when now they can get a Tyan TigerMP dual board with AMD chipset in the North and South bridges for around $200???

With the dirt cheap prices of AMD CPUs, you might as well get a dual system..

Motherboard $210
2-1.2GHz Athlon MP $330
512MB DDR PC2100 $100 or less

Gimme a break.. why is ANYONE suggesting VIA anymore when this level of stability and performance is available at such a ridiculously low price?? Yeah, it's a little bit more, but still dirt cheap for what you're getting. Gotta be the best Athlon board available ever. It even has 64bit PCI slots! (Yes, you can use them for regular 32 bit as well).

5th September 2001, 15:43
Maybe because not everyone wants to go through all the hassles such a DualCPU system can bring with? Especially when he's asking for stability. Besides the DualCPU system is nowhere near double single CPU speed in MOST cases.

And he wants to get a Creative soundcard. I guess that excludes SMP - at least according to Gurms comments.

5th September 2001, 16:02
but if you're on a budget, you could slap in two Durons and get one helluva rig with a really interesting option to upgrade like 2x 2GHz Athlon MP ... ;)

Dr Mordrid
5th September 2001, 16:25
Why not look for a board with the SiS 735?

All the reviews so far say it blows VIA out of the water and gives the AMD 760 all the competiton it can handle at a much cheaper price point.

Read this;


Dr. Mordrid

5th September 2001, 17:41
I never liked Tyan. Thats just me though.

Asus A7M266 I know 5 people who have them (includung myself) and they are rock stable. I never think about the motherboard when using this system. It is just like a P2B a rock. Get one.

5th September 2001, 17:55
I'm looking to build a new system too, but I've decided to wait. I want to see the SiS735 out in bulk, and see how the KT266a chips are running (hey, maybe they'll be with a new 686B stepping), and even then I still might get an all-AMD MB. And AMD is supposed to have some interesting prices as the Palomino's come out over the next month or two.

I think I'll placate myself by buying some of the other components, like 60GB 60GXPs, and/or video cards, that I can use in my new system. I wish I could take my work machine home, it would be fun to play with (and have the nice monitor that it has).

Dr Mordrid
5th September 2001, 18:40
Careful with the IBM 60 and 75GXP's. Mine work fine, but they were built when the drives first came out.

The forums at StorageReview and other hardware sites are producing some very disturbing information hinting that things may have changed considerably.

Since last fall there have been some MAJOR production problems with an inordinate number of bad drives being shipped. Some say the bulk of bad drives are from Hungary and some from either the Phillipines or Taiwan.

What's apparent is that a lot of these drives are being returned and that many of the replacement drives are also failing in short order.

Dr. Mordrid

5th September 2001, 22:42
Pass over the TigerMP because of a soundcard? That's like turning down a $10,000 Ferrari because you don't care for the rims.. I dunno why people put up with the soundblasters for all the monkey wrenches they toss into things and poor sound quality anyhow..

I've got 2 Tyan boards and love them. They are the only ones out there with a 3yr warranty and a real tech support line. They aren't overclocker's boards, but they are extremely stable. Who needs to OC a dual 1.2 system anyhow?

The Asus board would probably be my choice if I could stomach a VIA chipset.

5th September 2001, 23:49
me and my friend got ecs k7vza rev 3. it uses pc 100 or pc 133 memory. only minor 1 time complaint i have against this mobo is the closeness of resistors to the socketa. makes for a tight fit to get the super mini orb by thermaltake on.

we also went with this because of wanting to use all of our existing pc133 memory.

my system:

ecs k7vza rev 3
amd 1.4 ghz tbird
3 x 256 meg micron pc133
60 gig ibm/75 gig ibm
creative dvd/sony 104e cdrw
creative sb live platinum
3com 10/100

my friends:

ecs k7vza rev 3
amd 1.33c tbird
2 x 256 meg micron pc133
45 gig ibm/60 gig maxtor
creative dvd/sony 104e cdrw
creative sb live platinum 5.1
3com 10/100

both of our systems have been 100% rock solid stable

5th September 2001, 23:57
Thanks for all the replies.

If I can't use SBLive! with dual processor, which sound card should I get?

This Tyan Tiger MB seems to be a pretty nice deal, almost the same price range as Asus A7V266.

I might just use 1 processor at this time, but being able to use 2 processors... might not hurt...

BTW, can anyone elaborate on the problems with VIA chipset? or direct me to an insightful site about the problems?

Thank you,

6th September 2001, 03:15
There is no problems on VIA KT266, not as far as i know, The south brige is not 868b either, and there is no problems with SB Live! cards, not on ASUS A7V266, ASUS A7M266 is an good option, AMD chipset....

I never liked Tyan motherboards........

6th September 2001, 04:52
Would any of these people who say they "never liked Tyan motherboards" (Raptor and LAMFDTK) please give some sort of reasoning there? Maybe you just don't like green.. You're yellow mobo people, right? ;)

Sorry, but I hate when people just assume that what seems to be a vague impressionistic opinion should suffice as an argument. It makes you look extremely arrogant that without further explanation you somehow expect us to take this as holy writ.

No, the Tyan board doesn't have much in the way of overclocking features. The question is, are you going to overclock, or do you just want stability? Check the features out for yourself, to see if it's the board for you. Having actually used Tyan boards, I can tell you I have been extremely satisfied with their stability, build quality, and features, and their support is by far the best I have encountered. That being said, I am not an overclocker, so those type of features aren't that important to me. If you really want to seriously overclock, though, you should be investing in a few additional things to make it as stable as possible.. larger power supply, massive heatsinks and fans, and maybe even some more exotic gear like peltiers and water jackets (don't do this unless you are prepared to spend lots of time and money and run the possibility of damaging something.. it's for hobbyists only)

And the VIA chipsets have had a range of problems. There are some people here who could enumerate them from personal experience. Rags, for one has actually tinkered with them. Whichever board you pick, best of luck, monocrom.

edit: I shoulda checked out Maggi's thread first, with the article on Dual Athlon Overclocking (http://forums.murc.ws/showthread.php?s=&threadid=28395) :D

6th September 2001, 04:57

I just had a quick chat with one of our sys-ads and he told me a couple of years ago, we had a Dual Pentium 90 board from Tyan that never got close to stability, so there might be a few painful memories for some peeps ... ;)

6th September 2001, 05:34
Ah.. were there actually dual P5 boards? LOL before my era of experience.. ;) That was probably one of Tyan's first boards..

I have built 4 systems with Tyan boards, admittedly more recently than this.. The two I have are a GX and a BX board, and I built another two systems for friends, one with a BX and one with a Pentium Pro board. They have always performed well for me. The times I used tech support, I always got through immediately. One of those times I needed another P3 clip for my dual board (when I got it, it was open, so someone had probably robbed it). They sent that with no charge. The other time I used their tech support, a vendor had sent me an OEM board with the OEM bios installed, which I did not want. Sent the board in and they switched the bios.. no charge again. (Actually fibbed on that one and told 'em the bios was bad :p )

btw, never tried a Tyan board with a VIA chipset so my experience ends here.. :p

6th September 2001, 15:26
I guess Gurm is the one to answer the soundcard/SMP question. He has tried various soundcards on Win2k with SMP - but AFAIK had not much luck so far.

Still you SHOULD avoid the SBLive as

They're creating problems with occasional hiss/clicks in Win2k under heavy activity, even on non-VIA and even on Intel chipsets (look at this table (http://www.viahardware.com/686b_3.shtm)).
The sound-quality is poor (yes, some might say they're happy with it, but there are also lots of people claiming their NVidia card has a good enough 2D....).
It/it's drivers cause dropped frames in vid-capturing systems
At least the older SBLive still don't output the AC3 in Win2k if you want to watch DVDs
Creatives drivers have ridiculously high latency. Most probably due to this the SBLive Platinum fails ATIs vid-caturing softwares systems test for the clock-stability of the soundcard in Win2k! And they're one of the biggest pieces of bloatware ever together with OfficeXP and Quicktime5/Win.
Last not least Creative has a new card out soon, the Audigy - this might be better - and you can imagine how the already bad driver-support for the Live series will be when the new card is out...

I have replaced my SBLive with a Terratec DMX for reasons 2,3,4 and 5 (didn't really have much problems with point 1, but others have) - this card works like a charm in Win2k WITH functional AC3, no hiccups, much less framedrops and it has a lean, stable driverset.
So don't buy a SBLive if you want good sound-quality, are into vid-caturing or want to use Win2k. It's VERY annoying to replace a crappy $200 card with a much better performing $60 one (like I did)...

6th September 2001, 16:11
I don't like green, The PR folk at Tyan are not to swift. They are funny dudes. They might be great products but I have had poor results in the past with their products. I have had too many good choices to try one again.

I also don't like jazz, but I know its good.

I'd wait for a dual AMD board, but if I wanted a dual sytem, I would use P-933's and get the DVD266-R IWILL board. http://www.iwillusa.com/products/spec.asp?ModelName=DVD266-R&SupportID= (Here)This board has a pretty fine onboard sound chip. And uses the VIA Apollo Pro266 Chipset.

But I stand on my Asus rec. http://www.asus.com/products/Motherboard/socketa/a7m266/index.html (Here) This board has the AMD-761 chip.

I have also lost a bad IBM GXP that I am waiting for a replacement. Damm they take their time. I lost it in a dual system, an ECS D6Vaa It has the Via 694X and the 686B set. I think the drive died on its own.

As far as SB-live and duals... I bought the Hercules Game Theater and it performed fine. I have since move it to a game system and use the onboard sound for the dual. Its a work unit so I am not in need of surround or HQ sound.

http://www.us.buy.com/retail/clearance/product.asp?sku=70003481&loc=6936 (Deal)

6th September 2001, 18:06

(don't do this unless you are prepared to spend lots of time and money and run the possibility of damaging something.. it's for hobbyists only)

We've been Reduced to Hobbyists :eek:


6th September 2001, 20:14
I wanna OC I wanna OC I wanna OC I wanna OC I wanna OC I wanna OC I wanna OC I wanna OC I wanna OC . Did I mention that I wanna OC. To quote Rags "Awww, Kv's all growed up, buying Tyan mobos and all"

That being saind, I bought a Tyan Tiger 100 for a friend 2 years ago to use with his dual P-!!! 450s and it's still going strong with nary a hiccough. I just ordered him to 1GB of RAM (waiting on it to come)

6th September 2001, 20:22
In that kase I don't nevr want to be all growed up.

I want to overklock everythang.


6th September 2001, 20:27

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6th September 2001, 20:33
Whats that sposed to mean ALBPM?

Are you makin fun of me?? I don't even have one of them Tyan muther boards.

I'm over klockin my pendium just fine with my TX chipset muther board just fine thankyou. And I don't even need one of them Peltzers to do it with.


6th September 2001, 20:39
Ah, no dj I'm not making fun of you:rolleyes:

I guess your a Hobbyist just like the rest of us Overclocking muthers....LOL


6th September 2001, 20:42
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6th September 2001, 20:46
Sorry dj:D

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6th September 2001, 20:49
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6th September 2001, 20:53
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6th September 2001, 20:53
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6th September 2001, 20:54
You're about as bright as a burnt out bulb. I was talking to you.


6th September 2001, 20:56
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6th September 2001, 21:05
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6th September 2001, 21:08
This ring a bell, dj?

<iframe align="center" frameborder="1" height="500" scrolling="yes" src="http://www.bioweb.uncc.edu/faculty/leamy/popgen/inbredex.htm" width="95%">


6th September 2001, 21:11
What does that mean rags

It's blank


6th September 2001, 21:12
It means you need a new computer :)

6th September 2001, 21:16
My computer is just fine thankyou

its been running for 6 years with no problems.


6th September 2001, 21:19
I believe a problem exists between the keyboard and chair.


6th September 2001, 21:22
Jep. Sounds like a code 18 to me.


6th September 2001, 21:38
I never get no code 18 errors on my sistem.


6th September 2001, 21:43
Here is another question for you guys...

I believe that Tyan Tiger will require Athlon MP processors instead of regular Athlon/Thunderbird...

Is it possible to use regular Thunderbird instead of Athlon MP?


P.S. Thank you, Indiana, about SBLive issues with dual processor motherboards. It was really helpful.

Dr Mordrid
6th September 2001, 22:15
SiS 735 update;

I received some mail from a friend of mine who installed a SiS 735 board & some DDR earlier this week, replacing a VIA chipped TBird/SDRAM setup.

This guy is heavy into 3D and animation. He's reporing that his rendering times have dropped DRASTICALLY with the new gear. As in damn near halved.

I think he's chomping at the bit to get a similar setup for editing.

Dr. Mordrid

6th September 2001, 22:23
It will work with Tbirds or Durons, monocrom. But look at it this way, the 1.2 MP processors are cheaper than your CDRW drive right now, plus they are more advanced. The MP uses the Palomino core, which enables SSE and has some prefetch features making it a bit faster. Also uses less power and produces less heat than the TBird.. Basically like going from a Pentium 2 to a Pentium 3.. about the same difference there. If you want to save some cash right away, just use a single Duron in the thing. They are dirt cheap and you can wait and save your MP purchase for another paycheck.. the 1.4MPs should be out any time now, with faster ones soon after.. and the prices always keep dropping (or so it seems).

6th September 2001, 22:31
Dr. Mordrid, with those types of applications, going from a 200MHz FSB to a 266MHz FSB DDR bus by itself would probably have that effect.. Imagine how quick his 3D animation would be with a 266MHz bus, DDR, and DUAL Athlons! :eek:

7th September 2001, 03:49
I got a SIS 735 mobo, if your thinking of getting one I'd seriously think about getting a very good PSU (AMD recommened 400 watt) and connect the L7 bridges on your CPU, to avoid video posting problems at a cold boot. Apart from that it's a sweet mobo:>.

Check out the ECS forum (http://forum.ocworkbench.com/ocwbcgi/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=forum&f=4) at OC Workbench, they have more problems than a MURCER with a SB Live and a IBM 75GXp hardrive put together.;).

7th September 2001, 16:42
Thanks for all the replies... I am really grateful for you Murcers!!!

I am thinking of buying either Tyan Tiger or Asus A7V266. At this point, dual-processor seems nice, if I can only figure out which sound card that I have to buy.

I think I will put Duron if I get Tyan for the time being, but since it will be my primary computer, I want to watch DVDs, play MP3s, etc....

From my understanding, SBLive! would still work, right? It seems like all the problems are due to the bad driver for Windows 2000. I am gonna put Windows XP, which will be almost the same as Windows 2000. However, there is MS-Certified driver for SBLive!, and I am wondering if it will be fine.

Another question for you guys,

I don't know if it's possible, but can I share monitor, keyboard, mouse between several computers? Since my desk is small, I don't want to put two keyboards and mouses, not to mention the monitors. Is there any feasible solutions to this? Just a click of a button, you can switch to the second computer with the same monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Thanks, everyone!!!

7th September 2001, 17:38
Monocrom, the multi keyboard/video/mouse unit is called a KVM switch. Belkin, and a whole slew of companies make them. Check out www.pricewatch.com and you'll find tons of them. :D


7th September 2001, 18:16
I found an interesting article:

It says:

For sound, you get the awesome SoundBlaster Live! with all the extra digital ports to play with. The extra ports are installed in front of one of the two spare PCI ports. I would have preferred it in front of an ISA slot, but that's pretty minor. The sound card has plenty of room on either side, so moving the extra port card if you need to is a piece of cake. You also get a set of BenWin BWS-30 speakers with separate subwoofer. The speakers are a bit bulky, but perform decently. At high volumes the bass clips, but not as badly as many other weaker subwoofers. The speakers are respectable.

Is this true?

How come they didn't have problems with SBLive?

8th September 2001, 03:17
Originally posted by monocrom

How come they didn't have problems with SBLive?

Maybe they were not using Win2K? Most of those live problems occur only in Win2k - and on a very random/seldom base (at least it was this way here) so you might notice no problems during the short period that those reviews use for testing. But having the card in everyday use you WILL notice those problems. Besides most review-sites KNOW about the frequently reported SBLive problems but still don't mention them and give the card great reviews.
And: Be carefull if you want to watch DVDs. Make sure that the Live with the newest drivers CAN output AC3 5.1 sound in Win2k, cause it couldn't when I was scrapping it.

For the Asus: Be sure to get one with the KT266A chipset (that'll mean you have to wait a few weeks). Since the KT266A simply blows every other AMD chipset away performance-wise (the old KT266, the SIS735, the AMD760) it would be really stupid not to get the new revision. There haven't been many reports about bugs with the KT266 up to now so I guess paired with the great performance this is the best AMD chipset - if you're not going DualCPU.
Look e.g. here (http://www.socketa.com/reviews/chipsets/via/kt266a/4.shtml) for RAM performance of the KT266A against the KT266. Or here (http://www.anandtech.com/chipsets/showdoc.html?i=1528&p=1) for a comparision of KT266A, KT266, AMD760 and SiS735.

8th September 2001, 03:22
I would also say that most reviewers don't have the the hardware long enougth sometimes for the problem to show up. Even then they tend to gloss over it. Today I was reading in pcplus mag about software that crashes when you say your work and tends to lose it. Now for that you would expect a bad mark no it got 9/10. I couldn't believe it. It's poor reviewing like this that helps companies to get away with shit.

8th September 2001, 13:44
Actually, the OS they tested on was Windows NT 4.0. If Nt 4.0 can handle SBLive!, in my opinion, Windows 2000 can easily handle with it. Isn't it?

I understand that they only test the machine for a short period of time, and it might not be long enough to spot the problems with certain hardware. You are absolutely right.

I am on the virge of ordering the Tyan, but this driver issues drives me crazy. I might just order Asus A7V266. But then, I have had horrible problems with Asus before, with two MOBOs (CUBX, and CUSL2-C). On the other hand, Abit BE6-II ver 1.2 served me well, without any problems.

Maybe I have a curse on me against Asus! CUBX died on the first day, which should be definitely the voltage problem. Another try with CUSL2-C gives me this random reboot and crashes. I used to run my Cereron 700 to 1050 on Abit fine, while the same CPU on Asus gives me all this problem. Probably, Asus is more sensitive to the voltage when it's above the spec.

So, I have no clue of what to do now. Either way, I might have problems with the sound, or I might have to deal with this Asus voltage problems.

Another question, folks!

I was checking out this KVM switches. And, I found out that OmniCube supports the video resolution up to 1600X1200@62MHz! Is this right? Right now, I am running at 1600X1200@85MHz, which is fine. But, I don't want to go down to 62 MHz! Is this true? If I still want to have a good quality video at high-resolution, what should I do?


8th September 2001, 18:03
There's a thread about KVM switches here somewhere. I always had a problem with ghosting in the video with mine, so I used my OmniProSE (which is a step up from the OmniCube anyhow) to switch only keyboard and mouse, and used the second input on my monitor to switch video. If you have more than one computer, I'd look into monitors that do this for you. even if you have more than two machines, you can keep your primary one on the direct BNC connection for best video quality.

Since the KT266A simply blows every other AMD chipset away performance-wise (the old KT266, the SIS735, the AMD760)

Could you cite some sources on this, Indiana? The 760 and 760MP have generally blown everything away thus far, and I would not trust a VIA chipset until their poor reputation has been thoroughly redeemed. They've show no signs so far that that has happened. The 760MP board is just the most enticing piece of hardware I've seen in a LONG time, and a lot of the guys here would agree. I would still spend the small premium and get that board, monocrom. Tyan has given me excellent results, and if yours happens to be the one board in a million that goes bad, you can rest assured that you have a 3 year warranty and helpful tech support people at Tyan to help you. I don't know of any other motherboard company that even HAS a tech line with real people to talk to.

8th September 2001, 20:47
KvHagedorn, I took your advice, and ordered Tyan Tiger MP!!!
Since I am in Canada, it will take about a week... I will let you guys know... Hope it will be a good one...

First, I will still gonna try with SBLive!, and go from there...

Sigh, I believe that AMD is a great CPU manufacturer, but it seems like it was a bad move for them to work with VIA. Some people don't have any problems with it, and some really do. That is really interesting...

Anyways, I thank every one of you for all the help. I will post the update ASAP, and hope it will be delicious update.

Now, I need to get some sleep... :o

9th September 2001, 05:12
Originally posted by KvHagedorn
There's a thread about KVM switches here somewhere. I always had a problem with ghosting in the video with mine, so I used my OmniProSE (which is a step up from the OmniCube anyhow) to switch only keyboard and mouse, and used the second input on my monitor to switch video. If you have more than one computer, I'd look into monitors that do this for you. even if you have more than two machines, you can keep your primary one on the direct BNC connection for best video quality.

ALL those switches I have seen so far, even the electronic ones DO deteriorate the signal quality to a IMHO unacceptable amount. If you have a good monitor it'll come with two inputs anyway, so use those switches ONLY for keyboard/mouse and have both computers connected to the monitor and simply change the input directly there as well when you're using the other computer - this is having to switch two buttons instead of one, but it's sure worth the quality.

Could you cite some sources on this, Indiana? The 760 and 760MP have generally blown everything away thus far, and I would not trust a VIA chipset until their poor reputation has been thoroughly redeemed. They've show no signs so far that that has happened.

If you look at my post there are actually two sources quoted (I'm sure you can dig the other ones up yourselves, but they're painting the EXACT same picture). And with the VIA KT266 there haven't been any problems reported (except some people claiming USB problems over 140-145 FSB and this is only relevant to the overclocker), it was jsut the performance that was missing. The A revision really puts those concerns to the ground, putting the SiS, and especially the AMD760 to pieces in both, synthetic AND realworld performance. Just follow the links: AMD760, VIA KT266 and SIS perform on a level with the SIS standing a bit above the competition, but the KT266a is leaps ahead.

9th September 2001, 05:17
Originally posted by monocrom
KvHagedorn, I took your advice, and ordered Tyan Tiger MP!!!
Good choice.

Sigh, I believe that AMD is a great CPU manufacturer, but it seems like it was a bad move for them to work with VIA. Some people don't have any problems with it, and some really do. That is really interesting...

If you follow those threads again, you'll notice it's a certain VIA chipset that tends to create problems: the KT133A. The KT133 usually don't have problems, the KT266 user don't have problems as well - except for lower performance than the AMD760, which is more than cured by the new revision.

Six Of One
9th September 2001, 10:21
Could you cite some sources on this, Indiana? The 760 and 760MP have generally blown everything away thus far, and I would not trust a VIA chipset until their poor reputation has been thoroughly redeemed.



but you can do a search on the KT266A on any hardware site and all are rating this piece good. For a single chip solution it seems to be best. Not my problem anyhow...


EDIT: Oops, just saw Indiana's post. Damn mousewheel scroll...

9th September 2001, 10:57
Yes, the KT266A looks very fast indeed.. but is it as stable as a 760? It surely would be the choice if it is. I'd like to see more long term testing done here, and see what problems might crop up. Personally, I would still get the dual board (good luck monocrom.. turning green with envy here) just because it's so inexpensive and the dual platform will be faster under Windows 2000, XP, or any Unix variant. With prices for dual systems dropping so drastically and XP on the horizon, I wouldn't be surprised to see a lot more software being written to take advantage of multithreading. Wouldn't have thought it a few years back, but dual CPU systems just might make it to mainstream. :)