View Full Version : Shocking Experience Installing Cable Modem

5th September 2001, 11:04
I was just trying to set up the cable line for my cable modem. I screwed the little splitter in and went to disconnect the incoming line and got shocked. Thinking that was just possibly a small buildup of current from that line I kept going sicne it was now diconnected.. I tried to run a line from the splitter for the cable modem to the main splitter in our house. I got shocked again! The incoming line was disconnected. There are four lines connected to the main splitter:

Back Bedroom, Upstairs by the Stairs, Upstairs by the Driveway, and Front Bedroom.

The line to the front bedroom is a single line. The one going to the room by the stairs has adapters, but I did that myself and know that the line is good.

Anyone got any ideas how a cable line could be supplying consistent but relatively weak current. It seemd to go no farther than my fingers and it was only due tto ditect contact with the main cable splitter.

I figured some people here might have an idea since we MURCER's love our TV cards. Thanks all.

5th September 2001, 13:36
Sounds like you or the cable company have either a bad ground or AC riding on it due to a bad ground or common fault (open)

5th September 2001, 13:41
Yeah I had this happen - turns out the cable modem's AC outlet wasn't 100% grounded.

- Gurm