View Full Version : Say what? A new Via bug ?

4th September 2001, 06:55
More like another strange hiccup courtsey of my Abit board. Powered it up and it switched itself off. Maybe fuse has gone nope it's powering on again but looks like it's in suspend mode. Power off at the back wait a minute back on no problem. Must be that damn soundblaster live and 686b combo. :D :D
Anyway that made me decide to ditch the darn thing for the new epox ddr board. Now will that work properly ???

4th September 2001, 07:56
Your still going to be using the VIA 686B southbridge :(

4th September 2001, 12:48
Oh no I won't :D

Six Of One
5th September 2001, 04:15
AFAIK Epox is one of the few manufacturers that have the new SIS chipset (735?) in their product range, don't they?

Tell us how it works, since till now i only read "technical previews" that emphasized the potential but were quick to remind us that this is all very Alpha... I would love to hear a real life experience.

BTW, Epox has not the reputation for being a "good" MB manufacturer but besides an AOpen AX59Pro i have never had a more realiable board like my current 7KXA (with 686A southbridge ;)) I had an Asus A7V (or was it K7V?) in between for this "Thunderbird" pleasure and it sucked big time.

Less talk, more drink. Regards

5th September 2001, 06:53
I'm going for one there newer boards based on the Via kT266 chipset without the dreaded 686b. I haven't seen the sis mentioned by epox but then I haven't looked very hard.

5th September 2001, 09:15
I have to disagree with Six here.

Epox has a reputation as being one of the best MB manufacturers. They had a hiccup recently, but the 8KTA3 and later have all been back up to Epox's high standards.

Ask Joel ;)

5th September 2001, 09:54
I had an Epox a long time ago and apart from buggy dare I say it "via drivers" it was quite stable. Hopefully it will arrive tomorrow with the memory from Crucial and I'll tell you how it goes.

5th September 2001, 15:33
Wouldn't it have been better to wait for a board using the new A revision of the KT266 chipset ?