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Liquid Snake
30th August 2001, 11:30
After coming back from a one-week vacation, I found my main machine dead :( After some swapping of parts, I figured the power supply was the problem. I received my new power supply yesterday. Installed it, and everything seemed OK. The system POSTs with a single beep, but then after a short while (less than 30 seconds) the system seems to reboot, and then the screen stays blank (monitor says no input signal), keyboard doesn't work and the power and reset buttons don't work. After more swapping of parts, I'm guessing the motherboard is fried :( My CPU works in another mobo. I also tried another CPU in my mobo and the problem still exists. I also tested the new PS with another system to see if it had problems but that worked fine. So I guess I have to get a new motherboard, unless someone knows how to solve this problem.

Well, I have another problem if I get a new motherboard. I was planning to upgrade to a Dual Palomino system in a month or so. Now, do I try to find another Slot1 motherboard for my P3-750 Slot1 (which will be difficult)? Do I wait for the faster Athlon MP chips and more MP mobos to come out? Or buy a Tyan Tiger MP board now and get the Athlon MP 1.2GHz? Or do something completely different? The computer I'm on right now sucks, and I can't do much on it. All my data is on the HD in my main machine. They are on NTFS partitions and this machine is Win98, so it can't read them. Thanks in advance for any help.

30th August 2001, 11:43
well if you were planning on the upgrade in a month or so, I would wait for the planned purchase (unless you have critical data on the NTFS drives) and bear with the system you have access to now.....

just my opinion...


30th August 2001, 11:43
When my P/S blew last year it took out my motherboard, too (and a bunch of other stuff to boot). If it was a violent P/S blow out then your motherboard have would definately gone with it, as there are a lot of very sensative electronics on it. You might also want to check your drives and anything else plugged directly into the P/S. If the supply is still under warranty, contact the maker, they may reimberse you for the fried parts.

As for your Palamino question. I'd wait until the various Palamino solutions come out before you buy, if you can go that long without your primary system. you may want to wait and see if a new AMD chipset will be released with the Palamino to replace the crappy VIA 686b southbrige.