View Full Version : Yay or Nay on IE6?

30th August 2001, 05:54

Is there anyone out there doing editing that has been using IE6 ? I'm concerned that the install loads a funky version of WMP, DirectX, or similar.



30th August 2001, 09:08
I tried it out and did not like it. The personal bar is more of a pain than it is worth and the little media player embedded in it just irritates me. There is no way to get rid of it either. And it seemed to be alittle corrupted in the display. It did not hose my system, but that doesn't mean tht it wouldn't hose another. IE 5.5 seems to be a little "trimmer" if that is possible since it is a big bugger itself, so just imagine...

I didn't find any revolutionary new capabilities and what it did offer was not useful in my opinion. It is still in beta I believe so that would worry me a little as well.

I wouldn't waste my time with it again.

30th August 2001, 12:24
It is no longer beta, it's officially released.

5.5 works for me. I haven't seen any great new features that are worth the risk of a new install.

Brian Ellis
31st August 2001, 02:00
Netscape Communicator 4.7 only !!! (It is less unsecure than any combination of IE/Outlook)

31st August 2001, 07:32
All my prior experiences with Microsoft has taught me to wait until ANY software they have is followed by a .1 or an a. There are plenty of other "Gotta be first" types that will work out the bugs.

31st August 2001, 07:47

31st August 2001, 17:59
Downloaded and installed it and everything seems to work just fine :)

Actually, it looks exactly the same as IE 5.5 on my PC and under Win2k. Had to check the version number just to make sure that I have IE6, after reading all the horror stories....

Brian Ellis
1st September 2001, 01:15
Interestingly, at the time of writing, 159 have visited this thread and 10 have polled. It can be assumed that some will have visited more than once, to see what the consensus is. So, let's reduce the 159 to an arbitrary 100. That makes 10% of the visitors having actually polled. What does the other 90% represent?

Those who have no opinion
Those who do not know what IE6 offers
Those who can't be bothered to click a button
Those who use other browsers
Those whose machines are so attacked by bugs and viruses because IE is so vulnerable
Those who prefer to remain in the silent majority

:confused: :confused: :confused:

1st September 2001, 14:00
Brian, maybe those are the ones that can't be bothered to install anything from M$ until it's really safe that it won't (as usually...) trash your whole system to a point where only a full reinstall helps.:eek:
And someone that hasn't installed IE6 naturally can't vote - but he'll lurke for new posts / poll results to see if it could be worth the risk.

Bubba Feelgood
1st September 2001, 15:25
Did a custom install - did NOT choose to bring in a new Media Player (I'm sticking with 6.4). Works good and has a few improved features over 5.5.

1st September 2001, 16:54
Not a nay but hardly a yea, that's why I didn't vote. More a blah. At least it didn't hose my system like the beta did. I run win2k, at home with WMP6.4 and it didn't downgrade it to WMP 7 (a bloated slow piece of shit if you ask me)

2nd September 2001, 08:29
Here's a semi related question. I used to have an option in one of my older IE installs to zoom in on a picture on a webpage. It was really useful for getting some detail on stuff, but I haven't been able to fugure out what to install to get it back. It may have been some plugin, but I can't remember what it was.

As for my stance on IE6, I still didn't find anything that was worth the upgrade.