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29th August 2001, 20:57

From www.tomshardware.com

Its launch as normal desktop processor has been expected for weeks now, but we will have to wait a bit longer, since AMD found some issues with Palomino running at 133 MHz (266 MHz DDR) FSB on many motherboards, specifically on those with VIA north bridges.

Iīm hoping to upgrade to a Palomino even if I only have a KT133A board (Asus A7V133).

But I must say Iīm sick and tired of VIAīs half-hacked northbridge/soutbridge problems, bugs, uncompatibilities, turn-arounds, buggy drivers, you name it.

I bet when they design a chipset they donīt follow standards, if it works with the current product, okay by now, realease it.

Look at KX133. It didnīt support thunderbirds properly. Not the cpu fault, even the old AMD 750 can run thunderbirds just fine. KX133, AGP problems, 686B bug, buggy 4-1, usb not working on KT266 past 138 Mhz... aaarrrrghh!

29th August 2001, 21:05
And people wondered why I would only reccommend the original SlotA Athlon MB's with all AMD 751/756 chipsets! :)

29th August 2001, 22:10
I guess it depends on your perspective. I have an Asus A7V, no problems....OK, maybe one. When I boot up every 50th-100th time, the system hangs, but not sure if it is related to via. btw-I turn off my PC every night before bed.


29th August 2001, 22:22
If the system hangs before the OS starts loading, 10 to 1 it's a VIA related problem. Hell, any problem is probably attributable to a VIA chipset - even motherboards that don't have VIA. :)

VIA might as well just change their corporate name to Scapegoat. :D

29th August 2001, 22:25
Hmm, I wonder how stable nForce will be. I'm considering replacing my motherboard and CPU early next year with this as a good contender.

30th August 2001, 00:21
Depends if you trust our friend Tom at all. I couldn't find that quote have you got a direct link ?

30th August 2001, 03:17
2nd paragraph 5th line.


30th August 2001, 05:57
Donīt get me wrong. My Asus A7V133 gets the job done as well. My previous A7V only gave me troubles (NEVER could get my G400 to work reliable at 2X despite it did so on a BX and a AMD 750) until it died. I risked and decided to gave Asus a second chance (to be honest not much of a choice :)) and all went well.

Main thing is there always seems to be to kind of issue/uncompatibility with VIA chipsets every time something new arrives into the marked. Be it a video card, a cpu, a sound card, you name it.

I actually have seen reports of Palominos (Athon MP) running fine on A7V133, but one thing is the board to boot and identify the cpu, other is if thereīs actually some issue that may render the system unstable. If AMD actually doesnīt certify the Palominos for use on every 133fsb socket A platform, if I buy one and it doesnīt work properly, what should I do? Blame VIA? the CPU? the Power supply? Motherboard bios? (if AMD tells palomino is not to be used on KT133A, they havenīt to support it on the bios anyway)

What really got on me nerves yesterday was to read "issues" and "VIA" on the same sentence for the 100th time :rolleyes: