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27th August 2001, 11:15
Hello' Folks!

Does anybody have the "Station" menu in AVI_IO working? Mine is greyed out, but switching to TV as an input in AVI_IO itself works, and I can even change channels!

Does this means that AVI_IO doesn't support full TV mode of the Matrox cards?

What do you suggest for TV Viewing/Recording, since PCVCR has been crippled?

The rest of my setup:

PIII 800Mhz
256M ram
Marvel G200 TV (PAL, tuner added after the purchase)
SBLive! 5.1 (Forgive our sins, Dr.Mordrid ;) )
Sym810 SCSI Controller
Pioneer 104 DVD Player IDE
Yamaha 6416 CD-R/RW SCSI
Plextor PX40 SCSI

Thanks EveryBody!

Joe Daring

28th August 2001, 01:24
Hi Joe,

I had the same problem and upon contacting the guy
I have been informed that TV will not work on a matrox video capture card just now.


28th August 2001, 03:45
Hi Debbie,

Thanks for the reply, but...

I think the guys at Matrox meant to say that there will be NO CAPTURE FROM TV capabilities for Marvels under W2K using PCVCR, but viewing should still be supported as well as third part TV applications may still work in acquiring ClipS/Snapshots from TV through the Marvel...

At least, this is my understanding of their statements!

Anybody else would like to jump onto this subject? ;)

Ciao! Joe Daring

28th August 2001, 14:51
I never really thought about it, what does the Station thing do? Does it just save Channels for easy switching? I have always used the Channel Set in Source to change channels. I'm using a Marvel G200 on Win98 with VT 1.54