View Full Version : Rainbow Runner G + dual display

26th August 2001, 22:24
I was previously running a g400max dh in windows 2000, with a rainbow runner g. However, with the 'true' dual head support (having separate resolutions and color depths for each monitor), I was not able to get my rainbow runner g working properly. With the added fact that I was getting less-than-exemplary gaming performance from my g400, I was forced to give it up. However, since I still wanted a dual display solution, I used my previous card, a PCI g200 along with my new video card, a geforce2.

To my question: Is it impossible to get my rainbow runner g to work with the g200, if the g200 is used as the secondary card? My machine continually crashes when I try to run quick connect after the video tools install. I've tried various combinations of drivers and video tools (i believe 5.39 and 2.0vt was one of the combinations I tried).

Any suggestions?


AMD 900 Mhz T-bird (slot a)
512 Megs of pc133 Micron CAS3 ram
CardExpert GeForce2
Matrox G200 (8 megs sdram)
Rainbow Runner G
SBLive X-gamer
MSI 6167 mb
Macronix 10/100 Ethernet card
Windows 2000 Professional w/ SP2