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25th August 2001, 03:39
Test over here! (http://accelenation.com/?doc=55)

The Acorp 6A815ED is very puzzling. Like I mentioned before, I really have a hard time deciding whether it belongs in the OEM or retail market. The stability is good, as is the layout. The performance is also good considering it uses SDRAM, however, the lack of tweaking or overclocking options really leaves me dissatisfied.

At $120, the board comes in midrange as far as pricing goes. Actually, that about sums this board up, midrange. It is a solid board that will get the job done, but no more. So if that's what you need, this board will deliver. The 512MB limit on RAM and lack of BIOS features really hold it back. It has a ton of potential, but falls a little short.

I do know the kind of person who will buy these boards - the person who has been burned by VIA one too many times. I think VIA have come a LONG way, and their Intel chipsets are quite solid. However, there is a certain security when pairing an Intel processor with an Intel chipset, and that is what the 6A815ED lets you do.


26th August 2001, 11:06
and it's server orientated brother


/Edit I wouldn't mind a 815EP-B0 Tyan solution tho.... Wouldn't like the 512mb RAM limitation tho. :(

26th August 2001, 14:41
Have these actually hit the market yet?
Ages ago Gigabyte said they had solved the dual-CPU issue under the 815 chipset and would be releasing a board.
We actually saw the development board, however things went quiet over at Gigabyte.
The reason was that although it worked and most people weren't put off by the 512MB RAM limit, the cost for actually producing the board was too high and Gigabyte really weren't sure if they would bother with them.