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23rd August 2001, 14:59
Here is a strange problem. Every so often, my keyboard will stop responding, none of the keys work. When I unplug it from the PS/2 port while the computer is running and plug it back in, it works again. The problem is intermittent.

I am running Windows 2000 Pro SP2. The keyboard is an older style AT keyboard (5 pin DIN) with and adapter to PS/2. Could this be the problem? Any help would be appreciated.

23rd August 2001, 15:35
buy a new keyboard. you can get one for around $10...or up to $75, depending on what you want :)

Seriously...I would say it's either 1) the keyboard is going bad. If you plug it back in and it works, then it's probably not software related. 2) The AT-ATX adapter is pulling the connector lose. Thus the need to reseat it all the time. Either way...I still say you should just get a new keyboard.


23rd August 2001, 17:23
Thanks Jammrock, but it does it with other AT keyboards. Perhaps it is the adapter.

I just moved into my dorm, so I dont have a spare keyboard to try it. Also, this keyboard is the only one I have found that has a volume control in a good location that actually works on Win2k without any extra drivers loaded.

23rd August 2001, 17:40
I have actually seen this problem at work. The problem was with HP Kayaks. It turned out that it was a bug and it was fixed through a software update. I know it doesn't solve your problem but atleast you know it could be anything.