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21st August 2001, 12:57
The Taiwan site now has MSP 6.5 info on the site. Anyone care to translate?

Ulead (http://www.ulead.com.tw)

I don't see any free download link for upgrades :(

Dr Mordrid
21st August 2001, 16:30
What I found interesting is the cost of the 6.0 to 6.5 update.

I can't read Taiwanese, but the update prices on later pages run from $43 to $175 US dollars. What those versions include is a mystery to me as my language skills stop short of Taiwanese.

Dr. Mordrid

21st August 2001, 20:42
Well I tried to run Babelfish on the page, but uh, well see for yourself:

MediaStudio. Pro 6.5, ↓ suffers @↓M㊣M↓~↓ the slave D↓u 性 ↓v∟迄 banana plant hip ↓n 體, regulation ↓s↓ 帚 ↓MediaStudio. Pro 6.5 ↓sc↓Wdvd/VCD/SVCD corrects the insect ↓s∫@↓P↓迆 box ↓N 錄 ↓\↓ oh A“ is headstrong 嗾 膉 銧 ↓dv↓bmpeg-2 及 shouts separates ↓ 磟 y↓v∟迄↓A 讓 ㊣z㊣q↓v∟迄↓^“迆↓B the banana plant hip ↓B block ↓X“ 鴠 迆 box ↓N 錄 ∟@ Omega 完 Theta ↓C

MediaStudio Pro 6.0 完 all ↓↓/ 升 ↓ makes (c) executes “|↓ 帚 the luxurious knee 竟 proves F for the liver moss! ↓i 用 ↓W↓u↓f base ↓↓ $1,500 元 升 ↓ Niu ↓6.5↓↓ ↓A pure white ∟w↓r~

Dr Mordrid
21st August 2001, 23:16

Babel indeed ;)

Dr. Mordrid

21st August 2001, 23:51
Looks like they finally got the old banana plant plugin and the luxurious knee filters in there that we've all been after.:p

It's about time!

Dr Mordrid
22nd August 2001, 00:11
Well, those are great new features but I'm really impressed that they're finally supporting Liver Moss for Luxurious Knee.

This combination of features is long over due!! :rolleyes:

Dr. Mordrid

22nd August 2001, 06:04
Seriously, the features I care about are:

1) timeline preview and scrub work with G450 DVDmax feature
(having to change a setting in ini file is OK as long as it works!)

2) audio preview bug -- this one is driving me nuts lately -- somewhat hard to describe but unless the first clip on the timeline starts at zero, has audio, and has an operation done on it that renders audio you generally won't get audio on timeline preview playback! But you do get audio on scrubs! Seems to have been made much worse by the last DVpatchII that puts in the "about" box. John Price's "audio leader" trick usually works but not always, and should never be necessary.

3) usability enhancements like automatically adjusting the required mouse movements inversly with the timeline scale factor. When trimming the ends of a clip on the timeline its a PITA to always have to zoom the timeline so perceptable mouse movements equal a single frame instead of several frames.

4) smarter handling of the DV audio previews -- sometimes I feel a popup info dialog box saying "your mouse has moved, I need to rerender the audio" would be appropiate. Being able to selectively defer audio and video preview rendering would be a big help. This is one big plus for Premiere6 over MSP6.

The DVD authoring stuff will be important in the future, but a quick survey of what players my friends and relatives have and the various DVD-R player compatability lists means DVD-R won't do me any good until they are wiling to replace their players.


Dr Mordrid
22nd August 2001, 06:30

1. scrubbing to DVDMax is mainly because the preview window uses DirectShow for previews but Video for Windows for scrubbing. IF it used DirectShow for both, as the G450 drivers do, then both would go out. This modification would also allow 6.5's Instant Preview to go to the vidout as during the beta it too used Video for Windows and didn't export.

This changeover to DirectShow for both functions is being worked on now, but it may or may not make the first release of 6.5. If it doesn't it should be in a patch that's due shortly after first release.

The implication of DirectShow being used is profound and scrubs are just a minor part of it. With DirectShow active for an Instant Preview in MSPro 6.5 + a P4 + a G450 this combination would become a realtime editing system. Heavy....

2. Audio preview is fixed on the systems here that showed it.

3. that one will have to wait for 7.0 as I hadn't seen that suggestion before and, apparently, neither did any of the other betas.

4. Huh? Just don't hit enter ;)

Actually the DVD authoring stuff will be important by Christmas now that the flow of DVD-R/+RW drives has started and the prices are dropping like a rock. Many folks who buy those will, IMHO, shoot the extra bux for a player capable of using it for their creations.

Dr. Mordrid

22nd August 2001, 09:15
I tried Babelfish with Chinese and got the banana plant. What really worries me is that when I tried it in Korean, I got a lot of "National Disgrace"

Looking forward to release here... hope it doesn't take as long as MSP 6 did to get to North America from release in Taiwan!

Dr Mordrid
22nd August 2001, 09:34
It shouldn't. They were very much intent on it hitting the shelves ASAP.

Dr. Mordrid

22nd August 2001, 11:30
RE: 4) Huh? just don't hit enter.

The situation I'm talking about happens to me because of the way I like (want) to work. Typically adjusting the trims of jumpcuts I want to preview the video (big screen via DVDmax!) to see if I've got it right. MSP6 "smartrenders" the video correctly but redoes the audio for any trim, which really grates as I often try three or four trims to get the jump the way I want it.

Premiere6 seems get this right. It works correctly with DVDmax in all regards. I'd have switched by now if Adobe hadn't been idiots in the handling of DV type 1 files. I don't like Premiere enough to recaptue everything or double up on disk space so Premiere can "preview" the type1 into a type2!

Vegas Video really rocks here, but its too quirky to really compete overall, and doesn't work with DVDmax in any way :-( Biggest plus for Vegas is it seems to be able to mix type1 and type2 files on the timeline without problems -- I've not used it enough to be sure problems don't exist.


22nd August 2001, 13:19
A suggestion, Wally. Temporaily turn off the audio track(s) by clicking on the icon(s) at the left hand edge of the audio track(s) when you are doing the previews. Really speeds up the rendering time!:)

22nd August 2001, 13:36
Originally posted by Dr Mordrid
What I found interesting is the cost of the 6.0 to 6.5 update.

I can't read Taiwanese, but the update prices on later pages run from $43 to $175 US dollars. What those versions include is a mystery to me as my language skills stop short of Taiwanese.

Dr. Mordrid

I can't read taiwanese either, but from what I understand the $43 product is the DVD plugin. The NT$6000 (equivalent to US$175) is next to previous versions of MSPRO in english on the page, so that must be the upgrade price.
They also seem to have a 6.5 VE with Cool 3D bundle for NT$4490 (US$130). That's quite affordable, but who knows what VE includes compared to the full package?
Can't wait for the english site to be updated so we can rely on facts though...


22nd August 2001, 16:05
Patrick, its a good suggestion that could be a work around except it seems to trigger the audio preview playback bug -- meaning now I can't get audio after fully rendering the preview when cutting up a clip with the audio track "off" and turning it back on :-(

If you have a machine that is immune to this MSP6 bug you are truely blessed!

Doc, I certainly won't hesitate to get a new DVD player when I decide to buy some flavor of DVD-R, but getting all the friends and relatives and potential customers to do so is a much bigger problem! I'm afraid that VCD format MPEG1 for computer playback and VHS tape will remain the only thing you can count on your audiance having for quite some time :-(

$175 seems a little steep to me if from full MSP6 since there are some serious bugs that should have been addressed in a free point release update, but haven't been. I'll suspend judgement until its really released and I know what is new and what is fixed.