View Full Version : Re-register mpeg2 decoder from Matrox DVD player

17th August 2001, 08:57

until installation of MSP6.0 VE with the Ligos mpeg2 support I have used the decoder that came with the Matrox DVD player for playback of SVCD compatible video files with MS MP 6.4. (Win 98SE).

The Ligos decoder has now taken over the mpeg2 decoding in MS MP but shows a distorted frame ratio.

How can I get back the Matrox mpeg2 decoder? A re-install of the DVD player software did not help to get rid of that Ligos thing.


17th August 2001, 11:29
I am not sure what the name of the software decoder is called, but yo probably need to deregister one and register the next. I have a neat little program called Directshow that has a pretty simple ini file. All you do is edit it to point to your filters and then select which one's to register and unregister. I don't have a link, but I could send it to you.