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15th August 2001, 06:28
Well I just got done reading a review on the Soyo K7V Dragon motherboard and I was impressed by it. So my question is does anyone else use these motherboards and how did the work out? I mostly use either Asus or Abit boards so....


15th August 2001, 06:53
From persoanl experience I wouldn't touch a SOYO motherboard again, I have a dodgy 370 socket via chipset one. don't ask me the name, because i'm still trying to forget. I could never get it working with my matrox card (and yes i installed the 4-in-1 then the matrox dirvers). I'm using an abit sa6r and an asus cusl2-c.
Not a problem.

Personal advice from experience - pay the extra


Electric Amish
15th August 2001, 07:14
I used one, once. Back in the slot 1 days.

Seemed to work ok, but I believe either a power spike, or a PS failure sent it to the used hardware bin in the sky. ;)


15th August 2001, 07:20
I havent used the Dragon yet, I am still using my Soyo 6BA+ from 3 years ago running my P-3 550 Mhz. Stable stuff and only features missing are voltage adjustment but I'm not an Overclocker so I dont really need it.

I would recommend their stuff for people who need stability, not "extras".


15th August 2001, 14:42
I've been using a Soyo board for the past two years and the only problem with it is the VIA chipset.

15th August 2001, 16:25
Soyo has a quiet reputation for reliability, but I haven't kept up with thier products over the last year or so.

15th August 2001, 16:55
I'll add a little more to my first post, the soyo board I received was in a cheap bare bones case (so yes this board was at the bottom end of the food chain), apart from the via/matrox problem. It would also hang on start up for Win2k server. It would *usually* boot on the third try. This was one of the cheaper soyo boards.

There is always a faulty board (or more) in every batch, I may have been unlucky :(

As always make sure your supplier has a good return policy and give whatever mobo you buy a good hammering when you get it, if it falls over - exchange it