View Full Version : G450 on a Alpha?

15th August 2001, 02:54
Is it possible to use a G450 PCI in a DEC Personal Workstation 500a running RH7.1, kernel 2.4.7? I don't need dualhead or anything.

16th August 2001, 10:53
My tips:

It probably won't work as a bootup display because the alpha will not be able to boot up the card because the BIOS is in x86 code (unless the alpha has some way of starting it up)

You may be able to get it to work in xfree86. You won't be able to use the matrox supplied drivers, just use the ones included in xfree86. If xfree 4.1 compiles on the alpha, I highly recommend it (xfree 4.X is so much faster than xfree 3, it is shocking)

Since you don't want more than one display connected, it is probably best to connect the display up to the matrox card and have the computer boot into runlevel 4 (where X is automaticly started)

I have never used the alpha platform, so I wouldn't have a clue about how successful it will be, but you will probably not do any harm trying it.

17th August 2001, 04:42
It's already running with a 2 mb Mystique card, so i don't think the BIOS will give any problems. It's just that i won't buy the card, just to find out it doesn't work.

19th August 2001, 21:21
Never used an alpha, sorry. regular XFree86 should work though, especially if it works with your Millenium.

Otherwise, just make sure you keep the receipts... :)