View Full Version : Best matrox multihead card configuration in linux?

12th August 2001, 14:36
I am planning on setting up a machine with a quad-head G200, one of the G4xx/G5xx cards, and a matrox mystique. I am currently running an ATI AIW, the Mystique, and a Voodoo2 card for a tri-head configuration. I would like to replace the ATI and Voodoo2 with the G200 and G4xx/G5xx series cards and increase my number of heads to 7. This will be an Xinerama configuration.

The question is that I will be running linux, would the G200 mix better with the G400, G450, or G550 ? I know that the G200 requires the closed source HAL driver for the multihead features, and it seems that the G400 is the same way.. but the G450 seems to be fully supported by the opensource driver. IS the g450 also fully supported by the closed driver (which it would have to use if mixed with a g200).

I would also like to verify that GLX extensions can be only be used on the primary head, or am I incorrect about this? Do the glx extensions work across the board? Like, if the g200 has 4 heads.. will all 4 have hardware acclerated GLX? It would be nice if this could work llike XV, where one can select which XV port they would like to use.. Being able to select which card will do the glx acceleration for whichever app (assuming it is an overlay and will just not render if the window is displayed on another card)

This probably sounds pretty hefty.. but I just want to know what kind of support I will get for my money with these cards in one system :)

Eric Windisch