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12th August 2001, 11:47
I've been looking at all the different video cards, KyroII, Radeon, GF2, GF2 MX400 and G550.

I don't intend on buying one yet, I have to wait about a month and a half for the upgrade, my cash flow slowed down a bit, so I need some advice. Also if possible some usage experience, not just benchmarks. I want to do a lot of research and ask opinions so I can get a real idea of what card woukd best suite me.

For me price vs. quality/performance are key. It needs to be under 250$ cnd but has to have about 50+fps in most games @ 1024x768 16bit and it has to look nice too. I run all my games at a max of 1024x768 in 16bit so the card doesn't have to be ludicrously fast just has to be smooth and good looking. I like to set the settings at max quality to make it look nice.

Here's my specs:

MB: Asus A7V133 :cool:
Ram: 256 PC-133 Infineon
CPU: Athlon C 1200MHz (266 fsb) :D
HDD: Maxtor DiamondPlus60 ATA 100 7200RPM
Sound: SoundBlaster PCI128 (gonna get a SBLive soon)
NIC: Realtek 8029AS PCI
Video: Maxi Gamer Cougar TNT2 M64 AGP 32mb :(

Now keep in mind that I'm looking for experiences, so basically those who have a better video card than me then tell me what you think of it. :)

12th August 2001, 12:05
If you want 2d speed and quality and high 3d quality go with the G550! :) If you want speed with absolutly no quality (Hey don't blame me if you go blind!) :cool: go with the GayFart! For lousy drivers go with Ati! :D (Sorry have never tried an Kyro II)

Edit: to lazy to do it right the first time! :o

12th August 2001, 13:11
Originally posted by Guru
If you want quality go with the G550! :) If you want speed go with the GayFart! For lousy drivers go with Ati! :D (Sorry have never tried an Kyro II)

you should add something before "quality" and "speed" (2d & 3d, anyone?)

imho :)


12th August 2001, 14:39
The 2D of the Kyro2 is just as good as the ATI (as long as you get the hercules board) and the 3d rendering quality is just wonderful. I would even say the 3d quality is better than Matrox's, I haven't seen the G550 though.

If you get the Kyro, there is no point in running the games in 16bit though, as the 32 bit rendering is just as fast (or just as slow, depends on how you look at it) as the 16bit rendering, except in some extraordinary situations (many, many textures, very high resolutions).:cool:

And the 16bit rendering looks soooo good compared to, as guru puts it "the gayfart" and the radeon (wich besides the lousy drivers have lousy 16bit rendering, the dithering is clearly visible).

I have the same MB as you and I have yet to experience any problems with the 3d Prophet 4500. Other than that I agree with just about everything Guru said.

Well that's what I had to say about the Kyro2.

12th August 2001, 16:50
I was checking some benchmarks and some specs of the card.

Ok. It has quality and speed, plus compared to a GayFart 2 GTS 32mb DDR it's 40$ less.

I guess I can't go wrong.

Well, my next paycheck is probably gonna be shared with Hercules, if you know what I mean! :D

But what I meant by quality was 3D quality and speed. I'm satisfied with almost any cards 2D quality and speed. Sorry for any confusing.

14th August 2001, 23:26
or wait until mid Sept and grab a Raedon 7500 and kick the hell out of all but a Gfart3 and a Raedon 8500! For half the price:)

15th August 2001, 11:44
Now that ATI has come out with a new kick ass card, I'm not so hung up on which one to choose, the price might throw me off but still, a Radeon 7500 looks pretty sweet considering it's quality is pretty freaking good.

For me it's either a Hercules 4500 or a Radeon 7500.

What's funny is my post was made the day before that article came out. :D

15th August 2001, 11:50
The answer is that we can't really advise you until you are ready to spend money.

Today the clear winner is the Kyro2. Acceptable 2D quality, fast 3D, and cheap cheap (can be had online with 64MB for around $80!) CHEAP.

In a couple months we'll have a Radeon 7500/8500, a Kyro2 Ultra/Kyro3, and I'm sure a GayFart 4. We'll also be able to buy a G550 and may or may not have a timeline on future Matrox offerings.

SO until then, we don't know, and can't really advise you very well. Sorry. :(

- Gurm

15th August 2001, 14:23
If you want the best 2D, and normal speed 3D in 640X480 & 800x600 and good picture quality, I would choose the G550

If you need to plat games at a high reselution, then the ATI Radeon 7500 is a good choice!

15th August 2001, 22:20
Obviously I don't have the money right now, and the choice I will be making isn't going to be who has the fast 3D, mostly it's all about best looking 3D with smooth gameplay @ 1024x768 with great quality 3D gaphics.

As for 2D, well a lot of cards are acceptable to me in that respect.

I only have a 17" monitor so when I play at 1280x1024 I only have a efresh of 60Hz, but I love my monitor because the colors are very vivid and clean for a Daytek.

So far the KyroII and Radeon 7500 are looking pretty good. But it's that time of year when new products come out so I might even wait a little while longer.

I wouldn't mind seeing what the KyroIII will look like too.

I was thinking about the G550, I would like tosee how well it performs in terms of smooth gameplay.

15th August 2001, 23:52

The G550 is essentially a G450 with a few upgrades. It's NOT a gaming card. (I know, that's Heresy at the MURC, right?)

Matrox is (in theory) making a gaming card "soon". Of course with Matrox you never know exactly what that means.

Let's just say that between now and whenever you get your money, Matrox ain't a contender if you like gaming. Sorry but it's true.

- Gurm (happy owner of both a G400 _and_ a Kyro2)

P.S. Attention Matrox spies and other assorted people who enjoy getting people in trouble. In no way shape or form did the previous OPINION give away anything I might or might not know about anything. All of that information is public knowledge, to the best of my recollection.

P.P.S. Zokes, sorry about that, but if I don't put that in there, you never know WHAT they'll start to say.

16th August 2001, 14:59
Hey Gurm, how's that KyroII in 3D games? (quality smoothness, speed, etc..) Can i get your impressions of it? I'm seriously looking at buying of of them pretty cards for my puter.

P.S: About that P.P.S, don't worry about it, I understand.

16th August 2001, 16:29
It kicks ass. There are a few games that use "tricks" that defeat the tile-based and deferred rendering on the Kyro, rendering them... slow. But only a few, and many of those have already been patched.

Otherwise it kicks ass. GeForce2 Ultra speed out of a $100 card. With 64MB.

- Gurm

16th August 2001, 17:28
Hey Gurm, glad to hear that. Not that it will influence at all my choice but still, it helps to find out from true experience what a card looks and acts like compared to raw benchmarks.