View Full Version : Cookies being stolen?

11th August 2001, 21:16

Can you please give me a list of all cookies (and other?) used by this BB for its admin purposes? I would like to do a bit of investigation.

I dont know if it is just my browser (IE5.5 SP2 on W2K) going nuts, but I often find posts listed as new, even though I have been on the BB after the time of post.

I sometimes also notice that I am not logged in, even though I have requested to be automatically logged in on my next visit.


11th August 2001, 22:14
My Cookies, History and Temporary Internet Files sometimes get "dislocated" to my temp folder giving me the symptoms you describe, ie the board not knowing who I am.
A reboot usually gets the folders back in place although I have to relogin.

I think the board keeps track of your read/unread messages internally and not by cookies. Nice when you're reading from more than one machine :)


11th August 2001, 22:57
Thanks for the idea there Kim.

Have checked that this is not the case though. Also - all other sites seem to remember my face whenever I pitch there, so it would seem that iot is not a generic hassle - the reason for my question.

Currently looking at too agressive ICMP settings on the firewall as well. Will post about the eventaul culprit.