View Full Version : OT - Where is everybody ?

11th August 2001, 09:30
Surely not EVERYONE in the northern hemisphere has taken holidays ?? :p


12th August 2001, 00:16
Nah, I'm still here. Just having lots of fun (not really, currently installing win2k on my friend's system and having a hell of a time getting it to NOT crash. Which of course is because I had to download the via 4 in one drivers which of course says to install RIGHT AFTER installing win2k, but I have already installed everything, so I don't want to bother with it anymore) Aside from all that, I'm just peachy.


12th August 2001, 07:35
Ahh !
I thought that everyone was too busy shakin their heads and thinkin' "Loser!" about my last thread ! :D

Hey leech, I've tried Mandrake 8 but it doesn't seem to have loaded as much stuff by default as 7.2 does (eg Sane is nowhere to be found, the kmixer shows I have a Crystal rather than a Vibra 128 soundcard, and so on!).

Yep, 7.2 I'm getting pretty familiar with. I've bitten the bullet and put wind0we$ 98se on one HDD and I think I'll clean the other drive (with L-M 7.2 on it) and re-install 7.2 to the whole drive.
(I have a drive tray to swap drives with at the moment).

Mind you, I've been thinking of leaving 7.2 where it is and putting another distro in the hole left by my former 98se partition...
The 'real' linux users seem to prefer Debian for it's lack of bloat and it's stability and I have a copy of 2.2r2 available (sitting on a linux mag cover.)

Then again, :D , mebbe I should just stick with 7.2 and get the Marvel crankin'... btw when I reinstalled 98se, I d'loaded the latest drivers and I've noticed (imagined?!?) a big improvement since the 5.5x drivers I had...

enough waffle (too tired!) .... l8r ! :)


13th August 2001, 16:29
The new video drivers for win9x match the ones for win2k, which is SWEET! I personally love Debian. though as far as setting up certain peices of hardware (namely my printer) I like mandrake 8. Actually I should download the Debian 2.2r2 and install that. Lately I've just installed Storm Linux 2.06, which Storm died unfortunately, it was in my opinion one of the best Distros around. I may just install Debian again seeing as how I can't seem to get Mandrake 8 to be stable with all the packages I want. It just randomly locks up on me. Though I think it all started with a Bios update, but I could be wrong there too.... Good luck to you. It's easy enough by the way to install Sane and other things in Mandrake 8. I like it also because you can install right from the CD, the ReiserFS, which is quite fast.