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9th August 2001, 04:25
Well my first Router died (Linksys BEFSR41 V.2)..

Luckily it was in the 30 day period so I exchanged it for another which happened to have a $15.00 rebate....LOL

Port 4 which I was using on the first one quit working and I could not access the setup software or ping any of the other 3 ports:rolleyes:

So, back it went....

I am curious about the setup on these routers. Do you guys set the router to "Obtain an IP Address Automatically" or do you set yours to "Specify an IP Address" ?????

I set mine set to "Obtain an IP Address Automatically" this time and when I do the Port Scan At DSL Reports it sees open Ports. I set the first router to "Specify an IP Address" and it was very secure.

I have my Linksys LNE100TX NIC set to specify an IP Address.

Also have any of you who have this NIC enabled the "Turbo Mode" in the DOS diagnosis???? I wonder if it is faster in Turbo mode. The through-put increased from 44 Mbps to 70+Mbps in the diagnostic tests.


9th August 2001, 04:45
If you set yours to Automatic, the router resolves all new Computers on the LAN with DHCP, otherwise you will be stuck with manually assigning IP addresses to your computers...(a major drag.)

Stick with DHCP, it works well. I HATE adding in MACs or IPs manually...showmac and resolving bootp are so archaic...yet so common in mixed networks...

As far as "Turbo" Mode, I think that is simply forcing the card to 100MBPS Full Duplex...which on a Router or a Switch, REALLY speeds things up. Full Duplex on a hub is something of a misnomer...

A common practice where I work is to routinely dumb down PCs to 10 MBPS Half Duplex to keep the network running smoothly at smaller sites, or sites experiencing network overloads or random packet storms. Even Cisco Switches can get overwhelmed with a lot of "mixed" (IP and non-IP) traffic which exist at these sites.

Though at the location where I work, we are running 100MBPS Full in a pure TCP/IP environment, but also run a LOT more servers, a LOT more Switches and a LOT more Fiber than most people have ever seen in one place, it is the exception, not the rule.

9th August 2001, 04:47
Typically @Home has a static IP addy... so "Obtain an IP Address Automatically" shouldn't be needed unless you're on a dynamically assigned IP (aka DHCP or other).

Not sure what you are refering to about the nic...

What nic is it?

9th August 2001, 04:56
I would hardly call assigning IP's on a home network a major drag... it's simple and you always know what they are... helpful when something does go bump in the night.

Hubs aren't full duplex, only half by function

9th August 2001, 05:01
That's why I mentioned Full Duplex on a hub being a Misnomer...it's not possible.

He's got the Linksys LNE100TX...which actually is a pretty decent little NIC...

The reason why you are showing Open ports is because the "master" port on the BEFSR41 is set to allow tunnelling - (you can shut it off at the Router, but then you won't be doing much gaming: without tunelling, you will not be able to join or host multiplayer games on the internet.) As to the open Port issue: Microsoft enables NetBIOS by default, but in Win98SE/Win2K, you CAN shut off NetBIOS...in WinME, you can't. You will get an Open Port 139 until you shut off NetBIOS, or until you mask the port with the Router.

9th August 2001, 05:09
Couldn't see Pauls sig til now

9th August 2001, 05:20
:D No Worries...

9th August 2001, 12:43
Thanks guys,

I'm running plain old 98 so I'll look into shutting off NetBios when I get home.

I almost thought that the new router was bad too. When I first installed it I couldn't ping or open the setup menu in NS or IE. I spent "too" much time trying to connect to it.:rolleyes:

I finally went back to basics...Reseated the NIC in the PCI slot and it finally worked....LOL:o


9th August 2001, 16:54
Be sure to update to the latest firmware (1.39) and
on the setup page:
Advanced -> Filters -> Block WAN Request -> ON.

9th August 2001, 19:22
I'm Healthy now:D


10th August 2001, 06:28
A port not working doesn't always mean it's broken. I have had ports on my linksys (also a 41) get jammed a couple of times. Resetting the link always helped (power off/on). It happens when garbage get send sent to the port. Like when i switch on my hub when its connected to a port on the linky ..this will jam the port every time..If i disconnect the hub from the linksys first it works fine.

Maybe your port really was bust...but just so that you throw it out the window right away if it happens again

So far I really liked the linksys, I have always been pro software solutions (always used ipchains before), but hese thingies make life much easier :)