View Full Version : Too fat for me: Amusing view on WinXP in video editing context

8th August 2001, 09:38

good little article about the XP, and editing video.

8th August 2001, 10:58
I couldn't agree more, and he never even addressed WPA
and its problems when you discover your current hardware has problems with some NLE package.

Anyone who's been "waiting for XP" before dropping Win9x should quickly grab up windows 2000 while you still can!

Personally I've half a mind to stock up on W2K OEM CDs so I can sell 'em on Ebay once the WPA sh*t hits the fan :-)


8th August 2001, 14:37
This 'Too fat for me' software bloatware is all over us. I have quite a few video and photo software proggies and even though those program like Adobe and Ulead put out, I still need and find the small freebie shareware freeware progrograms like VirtualDub most valuable speedy, compact, quick...etc..etc..
While I still have no plans on updating my OS from Win98, I keep looking to see if I am working with a dinasour, I don't think so, I think it will be ok to hang on at least 2 more years and not miss anything.

Dr Mordrid
8th August 2001, 14:41
I had the same thought Wally ;)

I think if anyone is "waiting for XP" they should just forget it until the "WPA s**t" has finished with the fan and Microsoft is forced to release something useful.

XP isn't it.

Dr. Mordrid

9th August 2001, 08:33
Originally posted by stevenscott
"I keep looking to see if I am working with a dinasour, "

In my mind a "dinasour" is a quick and agile creature.

WinXP probably needs twice the computing power to be as agile as your current machine.

Brian Ellis
10th August 2001, 03:11
... and, if we had the software and went back to MS-DOS 6.2, we would be overwhelmed by the improvement in performance (and the fact that few softwares would take up more than a megabyte or so of disk space). My estimate is that we could do things somewhere between 5-10 times faster and 1000 times more reliably. It is Windows that is bloatware and each version is worse than the previous one. The advances in hardware have been only to keep up with this anomaly.