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6th August 2001, 07:38
Hi all,

Finally tooling around with frameserving and avisynth thanks to Dr. Mordrid's brief (but excellent) guide.

Is it possible to frameserve from virtualdub TO Premiere? If so...how?


6th August 2001, 13:25
It may be possible if you rename the .vdr to an avi extension, but I would think that you are asking for problems. The framserver feeds the data in succession (I believe) and could cause some nasty problems. Of course the worst thing that could happen is your computer locks up or crashes and you'd have to reboot.

Why would you want to do this anyway? You can load all of your clips into the timeline and edit them anyway. Just curious.

6th August 2001, 14:11
Thanks for the response. I tried the renaming of *.vdr to *.avi and premiere simply gave up and said it couldn't open the file.

Frameserving to premiere seems like it should eliminate 1 encoding run. Ideally, I was hoping that vdub would apply all filtering and send the file to premiere (as opposed to creating a new avi which is then imported to premiere).


6th August 2001, 15:06

From the avisynth site :
"The Avisynth Premiere import plugin allows you to open AVS scripts and VDR signpost files in Premiere 5.0 or later. Of course, most of
Avisynth's filters are redundant if you're already editing with Premiere, but you may find OpenDMLSource and DirectShowSource useful.
Additionally, I've heard that BilinearResize and BicubicResize produce better-quality output than Premiere's built-in resizing."

if that's what you're after...

Otherwise, vfapi might work as it creates a file with the .avi extention.


6th August 2001, 20:58
Thanks mikie,

Thanks for putting rtfm in nicer language *grin*

The quest continues....... (hehehe)

PS- apologies for wasting threads but someone (other than myself) probably learned something along the way

13th August 2001, 09:40

OK...ran a few tests last night. Tried frameserving from virtualdub to premiere6 using the avisynth plug-in. Followed all directions and it 'sorta' worked. What I mean by that is that according to vdub's frameserver...all frames were served however, when I drop the served avi in to Premiere's timeline I can hear audio but there is no video.

Tried it a number of times...always same results...audio fine but nada for video.

Any clues?