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5th August 2001, 09:25
short version: no matter what software i use eg: video studio 3, videowave 4, etc i can produce video to output to tape, but the finished video will not output through g200 marvel, but if i test input/output, i get the colour bars etc. i used to use avid cinema , which worked ok, but i wanted something "better"...

machine specs are:

windows 98se
abit bx133raid ( raid not implemented yet)
int zip 100
8.4gb maxtor boot drive
15gb wdc "video drive"
384mb pc133 ram
500 celeron
freecom ide cdrw
52x cdrom
matrox agp g200 marvel
pyro firewire card
soundblaster live value
ext rockwell modem

5th August 2001, 11:55
On win9x the G200 marvel should output back to tape thru the BOB any dmb1 codec video. Unfortunately *only* dmb1 codec video will output thru the BOB. I tried unsuccessfully to get PICvideo MJPEG to go out to tape thru the BOB. You are confined to field order B and the fixed set of resolutions provided by the Matrox drivers.

Playing a dmb1 codec video in media player results it it also playing back out the BOB.

I assume what happened is your "project settings" changed the video from dmb1 to something else. Try to re-render it to the Matrox MJPEG codec.

Check the archives as I recall this was discussed quite a bit during the G200/G400 Marvel transition. One of the last things I did while I still had a system running win98SE was transcode a DV clip in MSP 5.2 into Matrox MJPEG and output it thru the BOB. I tried this as DV output was broken in the inital release of MSP6 and VideoStudio4 which was the only OHCI 1394 game in town at the time and was fixed a few months latter with some patches.


5th August 2001, 13:21
unfortunatley i can`t find anything in the archives to help me. sorry to sound dumb, the couple of software programs i have dont appear to let me convert back to matrox mjpeg, can you recommend anything to help, i made the video into vcd but can`t access a dvd player at the moment to test....

yours in hope............... peter h:confused:

5th August 2001, 15:51
Unfortunately I'm all W2K now so I can't do anything with my G200 Marvel. All I can suggest is capture a clip with PC-VCR at the resolution you want to use (if its not on the list there is your problem!) Play it back in Media Player. IF it doesn't paly out the BOB there is something wrong with your drivers or video tool installation. If it does play out the BOB then compare its properties with your edited AVI files in the media player properties box or file properties. The exact sequence to bring these up varies with Windows versions and Media Player revisions, its one of the few things that W2K screwed up -- not so easy to figure out what codec is being used as with was in Win9x.

Perhaps someone else will pop in here with a reference to one of the AVI header info viewer programs that I'm sure are out there somewhere.

Once you've turned it into MPG the G200 has no way to output it, by design. For this you need the G400 Marvel or a G450 dual head card and enable the DVDmax feature.

Good Luck!