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3rd August 2001, 13:31
I have Marvel G400 in my Athlon based mill. I have Win2k with latest Video Tools. My problem is that audio in my captured videos is not correct. Voice souns like steady noise. My sound card is SBLive Value with latest drivers (Liveware not installed). I'm normally using Huffyuv but with other codecs I got the same result.

Capturing in Win98 I have no problems, but Win2k gives me less dropped frames (about 1-2 in one minute) and unlimited AVI-filesizes when I have formatted my capture partition from FAT32 to NTFS (I hope but not sure yet if AVIs can be over 4GB?)

Does anyone have the same problem with audio or any tips?

4th August 2001, 05:13
It is OK now. I selected Line In and moved slider up in Windows Control Panel --> Sounds and Multimedia --> Audio tab --> Volume

Sure there must be Line In selected also in PC-VCR and Line In should not be muted in Play Control...

Quite easy...