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1st August 2001, 09:51
How come Opera (5.12) always pulses when I goto a site with lots of images? Seems that it always wait for every images to finish loading before displaying the content, and most of the time it can't load the image and I ended up seeing a blank page. A reload doesn't help and the image counter will always stop at the same point...say 30/72.

If I use the text mode everything seems to be fine.

Six Of One
1st August 2001, 17:48
Probably you already tried that but in File/Preferences under the Windows entry you'll find the option "Avoid Flicker". Mark it and take a look if it goes away. It helped on my machine.

Then, i have noticed that this sometimes causes other problems like blackening some areas of the screen. But i guess you can't have everything ;)

If this doesn't help go to Preferences again and look under the "Multimedia" entry. Make sure that you allow to show all images and the like. While you're there check under "Privacy" if you have enabled the first two options. I know this shouldn't affect images but somehow my Opera refuses to display some pages properly if i unmark these (which i would prefer marked, of course).

So, that's from the top of my head. Then you can always do a search in the Opera Support DB (go here: http://www.opera.com/support/ )

Good luck and regards

[Edit 2: corrected a typo in the 1st edit text. Duh...]