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1st August 2001, 07:34
anyone know how to bypass macrovision on MATROX DVD player or how to import a DVD clip into ULEAD Media Studio ??

I have a WaltDisney toon on DVD but my daughter isn't able to switch on my PC and i have to convert the DVD in VHS tape.

Sorry for my bad english and many thanks to everybody.

Franco Ferrari

1st August 2001, 09:16
plant about a ton of explosives at Macrovision HQ; otherwise you are at the mercy of their intrustive unwanted and illegal (in my opinion) copy-protection technology. Their attitude at Macrovision is that everyone is a thief first, customer second. Where's the Dept. of justice when you need them?

1st August 2001, 13:21
That sounds like my local Kmart. No wonder ther'e going bankrupt here

1st August 2001, 15:47
Rather than messing about trying to capture you could "rip" DVD to your HD. Once you have the vobs on your HD, you can do whatever you want with them... Take a look at go.to/doom9 for some more info on the subject.

1st August 2001, 15:55
Yes, that's the way to go: first rip the DVD to a DivX4 movie (using FlasKMpeg-DeC$$) and then output this DivX file to your Video without the annoying MacroVision protection.
And in addition you'll get a nice backup in case you scratch the DVD.

2nd August 2001, 06:25
There is another way.

You need to remove the matrox DVD software, which is in fact a special edition of the Cinemaster decoding engine.
You need to install Power DVD 3.0 and start this one with DVD genie.

By doing this you'll be able to watch a DVD on your monitor and TV (DVD max enable) and also export the video to a VCR, without any macrovision protection.;)

2nd August 2001, 07:31
so dvdgenie starts powerdvd by itself...or do you have to be running power dvd 3.0 first?

also, where can you d/l dvdgenie?

2nd August 2001, 07:50

1st off I'm poor, so I just (finally) got a DVD drive, & have only tried this once, so it's very possible unknown glitches might occur.

Using SmartRip, I copied the DVD to my hard drive, into a Video_ts folder off root -- this removed encryption and macrovision. The Matrox DVD player recognized it immediately and played the content just as if it was still on the DVD -- windvd & power dvd didn't do this, but looked only in the DVD drive.

I did have one problem, which to me was really minor, and may have occured because I didn't tell SmartRip to do a full or exact copy... The Matrox DVD player would stop when it encountered one of the vob files, I assume because it saw some sort of a break, perhaps from different css schemes or keys.

As the vobs were only a bit over a gig, I joined the offending vob with the one preceeding it using dvdtool, then renumbered or renamed the remaining vob files so everything stayed in sequence. This worked perfectly.

I also ran into an exception with PC only content on the DVD title, which didn't conform to the DVD spec -- I couldn't play this while the files were still on the DVD either. Here I did a more complete rip (please see the guides refered to in other posts), transferring the files to mjpeg1 for regular playback as with any avi.


Dr Mordrid
2nd August 2001, 08:05
I just hacked my DVD decks firmware (APEX 660) to disable Macrovision. Pathces for many decks firmware are on the net. You burn it to an ISO CD and the deck reprogrms itself when it "plays" the disk.

Dr. Mordrid

3rd August 2001, 05:26
You 'll be able to find PowerDVD on the net everywhere (just look on the DVD site). For DVDGenie it's quite the same, you can look on Infomatrix site, DVDGenie allow you to control everythings concerning the Cinemaster software, PowerDVD, WinDVD, marvel G400 card, Hollywood +, and some other.
I don't think than to copy the DVD on the hard drive for playback is the best solution, you can have very often some speed problem (data access + decompression). There is also some old trick to disable the macrovision : if I remenber well, you must start your DVD software, and pause immediatly, you go to display properties, advanced, cancel, cancel and you start your DVD soft... I don't remenber every things, but I know it's working also for me.

3rd August 2001, 05:32
Could you piont us in the right direction?


Do you have a favourite site?

3rd August 2001, 14:49
Ok you can look on this site :

You can install also an old Cinemaster decoding engine (1.0.28) :
"Cinemaster 1.6 disk1 (1.23MB) 1.0.28-as engine" available on the page http://dvd.index.hu/index.php?show=download&subcat=1

There is 4 methods at least for the Matrox G400:

Method 1 - submitted by : June-Cheol Ban
Select Properties-Setting (Graphics card)
Select Advanced
Select Monitor Settings Tab
Select Adjust the current display mode (Test Pattern Displays)
Select Cancel - Cancel
Start & Play Your Software Player !!
Tested on :

Card : G400 16MB Dual-Head
Driver/utilities :
Display Driver
PowerDesk 5.41.008
Players tried :
ATI DVD 3.10
PowerDVD 2.55
OS : Windows 98 SE

Method 2 - submitted by : Mark vd Wijden

I have a tip to get rid of the macrovision protection, it only works (for now) with the matrox dvd player: go to display properties, advanced, dualhead and check both clone and dvd max while playing a dvd uncheck or check (at least change it) the keep optimal refresh rate in the clone section and there you go. Note it must be done while the dvd is playing or paused if you for example go to another scene it must be done again

Card : G400 16MB Dual-Head
OS : Windows 95/98

Method 3 - submitted by : Francesco Martinelli and Rodovan

I found a new method to override macrovision protection with Matrox G400 Dual head: It works on my pc with Windows 98Se , Matrox DVD player and new Matrox driver BETA 6.00.010 (13jun00) . First insert DVD and launch Matrox DVD player, select language and all the other options and when start playng movie stop the program (closing the window with the up-right close button). Now start recording with vcr (using the Dual Head output) and launch Matrox DVD player again , the movie will be played macrovison free starting from the last stop position.

Card : G400 Dual-Head
Players tried : Matrox DVD Player

OS : Windows 98 SE

Method 4 - submitted by : Josef Spimr

1. install Matrox DVD player from original CD-ROM.

2. install Elsa DVD Player for Cinemaster 2000 and copy engine files to windows/system directory (if do not go with Cinemaster Engine 2037_6382, precopy files Cinmst32.dll from Cinemaster Engine 2037_6359). Do not uninstall original Matrox DVD player.

3. use DVD Genie (latest versin 3.75) for detailed configure. Configure all - but do not use button Apply settings retroactively, becouse use this button switch on Macrovision protection.

Card : G400 Dual-Head 32MB

Driver : BETA 6.00.010

Players tried : Matrox DVD Player, Elsa DVD Player for Cinemaster 2000, Engine 2037_6382

OS : Windows 98 SE

There is 4 methods at least for the Matrox G400:

6th August 2001, 23:23
many thanks to everybody
i have no time but step by step i try all of your suggest.

first of all i tryed the Method 3 - submitted by : Francesco Martinelli and Rodovan

but when i launch Matrox DVD player after start recording with vcr
the DVD window says "non enougth memory - set your monitor to 16 bit color".

my PC is
AMD duron 950 MHz
128 MB ram
Sound Blaster PCI 128
HD 5GB Windows
HD 30 GB UDMA Video