View Full Version : G450 AGP and AMD761 chipset

24th July 2001, 07:10
I posted this on a forum at www.matrox.com, and was directed to this message board. I'm in the process of considering components for a computer, and I'm getting conflicting information about AGP video cards and the AMD 761 chipset. I want to buy the GigaByte GA-7DX MB and use the Matrox G450 (or G400) video card. I've been told that no AGP cards work with the 761 chipset and Linux, and I've read that it is only the Radeon cards that have problems. I'm pretty sure I have read every newsgroup posting on the subject using google, but I can't get a definitive answer. I've also emailed the Accelerated-X folks, but haven't heard back from them. The moderator on the www.matrox.com forum said "In theory it should work."