View Full Version : Slow TV out with g450 (win2k and 98se)

20th July 2001, 08:49

I have a problem with my Matrox G450.
Last week I bought a new computer, and a Matrox g450 16MB (realy don't care about 3d

I connected the DualHead tv out, with composite video and when I switch to the dual head clone mode the driver starts eating my proc power. It consumes somewhere between 30 and 70% of it
When I try to watch a divx on my TV the image it's all cracky and slow... this can't be normal right?

I tried al sorts of resolutions, color depth and refreshrates.. true, some are faster then others but it's still _slow!

I tried both win2k, win98SE with the latest patches and services packs, directx 8a (also tried the directx8.1 and the redist version) and the VIA4in1 drivers for the mobo.

The divx I'm trying to watch has the correct screen res, so running the DivxG400 patch didn't matter. I updated the bios of my mobo, patched the bios of the Matrox card,leeched the latest drivers of the web and tried it without sound and network card and it still doesn't work correct... (both 2k and 98)

is this a know problem? Is my pc converting the image using buggy software, am I doing something wrong or am I just plain stupid by looking something over the head or should I return the stuff to the store and ask for a new one.

thanks of you time.


Athlon 1200c
Aopen AK73Pro(a)
Matrox g450 DualHead LX 16 MB
via4ini driver set
Sound blaster live
3Com network card

btw, sorry for posting it in the wrong group the first time... (duh)