View Full Version : Off Linux at home (for now)

12th July 2001, 04:34
Removed Mandrake from the 4GB HD (hdb) this morning. I really need the space plus I was becoming a bit frustrated with XF4.1 and no dri and really couldn't bother compiling (I never liked compiling anyway). I should be getting a 40GB disk or so before the end of summer, and hopefully Mandrake will have come out with 8.1 with 3D working properly out of the box.

13th July 2001, 07:32
How did you NOT have it working out of the box? It worked fine for me out of the box, and upgrading to X4.1 was easy for me. I didn't have to Compile anything (you just have to update the kernel after updating to X4.1) Make sure you have at least kernel version 2.4.5-5mdk. The newest one is 2.4.6-3mdk. Laters


14th July 2001, 17:15
I got dri working perfectly when I had Mandrake 7.2 installed. All I did was upgrade the kernel to a 2.4 kernel. It broke some things but dri worked (1200 fps in gears, 45 fps in Q3 demo 1 normal). I installed (not updated) Mandrake 8.0 fresh (formatted and checked for bad spots) and Q3 wouldn't run, and very low fps in gears, and TuxRacer unplayable (when I say a game is unplayable, trust me everyone else will agree). Tried updating the kernel and ran into problems getting a working build. Eventually got 2.4.6 going and upgraded to XFree86 4.1.0 Still no dri. So I downloaded the last MandrakeFreq but it wont install properly. Gives an error running ldconfig. I am wondering whether it is a bad burn or a bad iso. Either way I am unprepared to waste an 80 minute CD on it. If I get a 74 minute CD then I'll give it another go on a 2.5 GB drive I use to transport stuff from here to work.