View Full Version : Q3A demo benchmark for P4 1.7GHZ

10th July 2001, 02:45
Motherboard: D850GBAL
CPU: P4 at 1.7GHZ RDRAM: 256MB.
(using sound blaster live value PCI, not built in MTHBRD audio).

Video card G400Max, driver version 6.51

Quake 3 Arena benchmarks (fps)

Mode demo001 demo002

Normal 640x480xdefault: 85.4 88.1
800x600x32: 58.9 60.9
1024x768x32: 37.4 38.6

High 640x480x32: 67.6 69.5
800x600x32: 47.2 48.8
1024x768x32: 30.7 31.9

Turning on 32-bit Z-buffering (from advanced display
properties, options), slows performance a bit (~10%)
for example, Normal drops from 85.4 to 76.3.

10th July 2001, 10:35
here's my Q3 benchies, i think matrox needs to make P4 optimizations for the G4x0 series

these are just demo001

.........normal ...high ....max
6x4 ...100.8 ....82.5 ....80.9
8x6 ...70.7 ......56.8 ....55.9
10x7..46.3 ......36.4 ....35.8

this is with my g400 @150/200 (AGPx1) and tbird @ 1125mhz (7.5x150)

10th July 2001, 13:53
More info, version of Quake 3 demo is 1.11.

You're number are significantly higher than mine...

What settings are you using for the G400max?

Any tweaks?

Which video driver?
(I tried 5.50 with Turbo GL, but it was slower than 6.51).

I also notitced that 800x600x16 is same as 800x600x32
on my system (unless I did this one wrong).

10th July 2001, 16:19
Originally posted by jeffareid
I also notitced that 800x600x16 is same as 800x600x32
on my system (unless I did this one wrong).

That's a good indication of poor drivers.

10th July 2001, 16:39
Comparing q3a benchmark scores is a tricky thing.

I mean take a look at those P4 scores and then compare that to my vanilla G400 (win2k v5.52 drivers) and Athlon 700, which comes in somewhere in the 80fps range at 640x480x16 in a timedemo, with in-game framerates mostly between 125-160 fps (it has been known to top 300fps, but only when looking at walls) Even on my old Celery 300A @450Mhz, my G400 gets 65fps on a timedemo.

But all these scores are due to the mass tweaking I've done to my config, and it has got to the point where an 8Meg TNT 1 gets 57fps in a timedemo on my old celery. Also, these scores are from the 1.27h patch for retail q3, which I believe has major performance gains over the demo version.

Plus, it may make a difference if you start q3 with no sound ("+set init_sound 0", I believe)

Perhaps we should post a config file here for use on q3 benchmarking?

10th July 2001, 17:16
I ran Q3A demo under WIN98SE, I didn't think of trying W2K though. Do you use TurboGL for the 5.52 drivers? My guess is that it won't help, I might get Q3A though, just to try this out.

(My system is triple boot, MSDOS 622, WIN98SE, W2K).

10th July 2001, 18:00
those scores were with Q3 version 1.17 and matrox 6.51 drivers, with no turbogl. Windows98se, DirectX 8.0

no tweaks to the games, except no sound, which i guess could account for a few frames, but i too have a SB live, so the sound is hardware assisted like yours (if i was to have sound).

i just got the latest Q3bench v2.00 from www.guru3d.com and ran the new demo (FOUR) for version 1.29f and got...


... oh and this is with my tbird at 1gig (7.5x133) not 1.125gig (7.5x150) as before.

you should get this program aswell then the settings are prearranged so there are no games setting differences.

10th July 2001, 22:31
Ok, just re-ran the demos in 16-bit mode, apparently
"default" is 32-bit, so I changed these.

Now the fps's are close. Q3A demo, 1.11.

Normal 640x480x16 97.1 100.0
800x600x16 68.1 70.4
1024x768x16 44.6 46.1

Apparently, higher CPU speed isn't helping that much.

> no turbogl

Matrox 6.51 drivers already include opengl as part of
the package. 6.51 is faster than 5.5x with turbogl.

11th July 2001, 01:07
What do I have to type to disable the sound, exactly.

11th July 2001, 09:26
>...turn sound off...

I right clicked on My Computer...went to device manager, sound card properties, and "disabled for this profile". I'm not sure what the script commands are in Q3A.

12th July 2001, 14:24
Here's the scores. One thing to note is that I forgot to disable the soundcard and I have no speakers/headphones connected to my pc at the moment, so I don't know if the sounds was off.

All tests run at the following settings in q3bench:
Color: 32bits
Texture: 16bits
Texture Detail: High
Geometric Detail: Low
Texture Filter: Bilinear
High Quality Sky: Off
Draw Blood: Off
Draw Gibs: Off
Lighting: Vertex Light w/ Dynamic lights

CFG FILES RUN: Normal High Maximum
RESOLUTIONS RUN: 640x480 800x600 1024x768
NUMBER OF RUNS: 1 times.

NORMAL Configuration File Settings:
(640x480) 73.9,
(800x600) 67.5,
(1024x768) 47.4,

HIGH Configuration File Settings:
(640x480) 71.4,
(800x600) 57.9,
(1024x768) 36.7,

MAX Configuration File Settings:
(640x480) 68.6,
(800x600) 56.0,
(1024x768) 33.5,