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9th July 2001, 05:58
I just noticed that I used to have over 2000 posts! What happened, Ant? In the 'top 10 posters' I was only a few behind Maggi.... ? :confused:

9th July 2001, 06:33
My best guess is that since the "Test forum" was removed from the list, all of your bogus posts from that forum also went away. (and deservedly so :p )

9th July 2001, 08:40
Yep that'll teach ya you cheat :p

9th July 2001, 08:45
Boooo!!! :( ;) :D :p :cool:

Liquid Snake
9th July 2001, 13:29
Hm I think I used to have something like 1275, but now I have about 1250? I didn't have access to the test forum. Well, I'm not sure about the posts anyway. But I remember I registered on Sept 1 1999, not in Aug 1999.

9th July 2001, 13:40
LS: Registered: Sep 1999

So the only complaints are the numbers of posts again? Live with what you have and don't complain. An S&Mer is all you might get for the moment :D