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8th July 2001, 11:29
I want to set a custom resolution in dvdmax mode for the secondary output.
there is a list of available resolution in the "max secondary resolution" box but if i create a new with mtstu418 utility, it isn't available.

any ideas?

8th July 2001, 14:22
AFAIK, there is no such thing as predefined custom resolution for DVDMax. All clips whatever their size are are stretched to fill the screen. So, in DVDMax mode source resolution is dynamic and can be whatever You want up to limitation of memory amount and bandwidth.

8th July 2001, 16:09
you can't really speak about a 'resolution' anyway for DVD-MAX, as it's the TV-Out, and that's an analogue signal. Anyway, with the G400 the final resolution used prior to converting the signal to analogue for TV is either 688x480 for NTSC and 688x576 for PAL. You can't change this resolution, and you certainly don't want to (unless you have made your own TV which uses a propriety format
:rolleyes: ).

8th July 2001, 19:55
Do You have information, why such strange width -- 688?
First thing that comes into my mind is that it is not even multiple of 32... So playing back 688x480 clip on overlay is impossible while it is exactly the "working" resolution :eek:

This might be one case where G550 beats older cards. As I understood from G550 docs, it outputs DVDs without any stretching -> the resolution must be 720x???

Jon P. Inghram
8th July 2001, 20:44
Realisticly there isn't an exact number for the horizontal resolution, it's totalty analog.

Ah, dZeus was refering to BEFORE the card does the D/A conversion. In the old Amiga days if I remember right the most common "overscan" resolution used for video was 704 wide

9th July 2001, 12:31
yes, don't ask me why, but it's 688 horizontally :)

Though I fail to see why that would hinder overlay usage? 'Cause the resolution the G400 hardware uses internally isn't even visible for the codec itself. (and afaik only the MS MPEG4 codec is suffering of the multiple-of-32 overlay problem).

Maybe the G450 and/or G550 use 720 as horizontal res. prior to converting to analogue, but I wonder if you can see the difference in anything except maybe anomorphic widescreen DVD movies on a widescreen TV.

9th July 2001, 13:31
PAL = 720x576
NTSC = 720x486

only if you're feeding a VGA monitor with DVDMax it uses 1024x768 ... :rolleyes:

Liquid Snake
9th July 2001, 14:27
Isn't NTSC 720x480? I've also seen 704x480 somewhere...

9th July 2001, 16:43
as I and Jon already pointed out, there is _no_ horizontal resolution for PAL and NTSC, as they are analogue standards. NTSC contains 480 visible lines. NTSC MPEG2 DVD streams are encoded at 720x480. The G400 uses 688x480 in the last step prior to converting the signal to the analogue NTSC singal for the TV. I don't know about the G450 and the G550, but as Rene said, it could very well be that the G550 uses 720x576 and 720x480 in the last step prior to converting the signal to analogue for TV-Out.

10th July 2001, 10:38
very strange ...

here at work (video post production), all of our digital video machines use 720x576 for PAL and 720x486 for NTSC (SGI Onyx, running Discreet Logic's Flame and Inferno)


10th July 2001, 13:23
I want to use a 1184x666 @ 50Hz resolution so that my projector (sony vpl-vw10ht) recognize it as progressive signal and display it with a 16/9 aspect. otherwise the projector accept a 1024*768 but with a compacted 4/3 screen output.
All that works when i set the first or the second output of the matrox in dualhead-multidisplay, but not in dvdmax.
And when the matrox can scale a overlay video yo 1024x768, wy not in another resolution?