View Full Version : I just went DualHead

6th July 2001, 08:02
I just bought a new Samsung 900NF to replace my old Philips 107S.
I really like having winamp et al on secondary monitor while working or surfing on primary.

However I have noticed that for example I load a new web page WinAmp stutters. Also, the screen redrawing is not as fast as before.

Is this normal or can I do something?

Win2k / 512 MB / 700MHz Athlon / G400Max

6th July 2001, 08:37
Can't help you much with the screen redrawing problem but the WinAmp stuttering is a known bug. I can't remember if there's a fix, but I read about it on WinAmp's home page. Check there & in the forums.

6th July 2001, 10:28
I also have that stutter problem with WinAmp, only fix for it was to go back to the 2.666 version which works just fine for me now.