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4th July 2001, 04:33
A word of warning. About everyone who has posted anywhere on the forums must've seen a load of email notifications in his email box by now. Here's how to disable that feature:

Press User CP above, goto Edit Options and disable Use 'Email Notification' by default? by setting it to No !!

I had 28 of the email notifications in my mailbox. You might not want that ;)


4th July 2001, 04:41
I like the notifications! :)

4th July 2001, 10:40
I don't. ;)

4th July 2001, 11:44
Hehe, first thing I did on the new forums was to update my profile and disable that .

4th July 2001, 11:45
Which wouln't help you much, if you didn't disable thread subscription as well, Admiral ;)

4th July 2001, 12:10
Got me worried there for a while, no emails from MURC in my inbox though .

What do you mean by thread subscriptions ?
By any chance the Email Notifications option that appears when you type your messages ? The one under Automatically parse URLs ?

Edit: Hey, we can't edit someone else's post, no more viewing hidden messages, at least not that way :(