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18th June 2001, 16:32

Matrox Announces G550

Time: 19:21 EST/00:21 GMT | News Source: Press Release | Posted By: Julien
It's Official! Matrox has just announced its new graphic chip known as G550 aimed to replace previous G400 & G450 models. The first new graphic card to exploit this new chip will be the Matrox Millennium G550 that should be available during this year's third quarter. This new Dualbus 256 bits graphic chip, engraved in 0.18, is associated with 32MB of 64bits DDR memory, supports several new 3D features like the Direct X 8.0 Vertex Shaders, and comes with two RAMDAC offering an improved DualHead technology. Below are the specifications of this new baby:

0.18 GPU,
Support AGP 1/2/4x buses,
32MB of DDR (Double Data Rate) Memory,
360MHz UltraSharp RAMDAC,
230MHz Secondary RAMDAC for DualHead Features,
Vibrant Color Quality 2,
Environment Mapped Bump Mapping,
Support for DirectX 8.0 Vertex Shaders,
Extended Vertex Shader,
Matrix Palette Skinning (up to 32 matrix),
HeadCasting Engine,
Z-Buffer 32bits with 8 bits of stencil buffering,
2 pixels pipelines with two texture units per pixel pipeline,
Revamped Internal 32bits architecture,
DVI Connector supporting LCD screens.