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18th June 2001, 06:08
Today a Danish hardware site has posted a preview of the G550, which is based on the press release.


Liquid Snake
18th June 2001, 06:54
Hmm....What image are you referring to?

There's been no press release yet so I think the "preview" was just based on the rumors already out there. But I can't read Danish, so I can't really say anything.

18th June 2001, 06:58
The author is under NDA, but claims it stops today, and has therefor posted a preview based on the press release he has received from Matrox.

Actually I know the author personally so I know this isn't just something he made up, but I wish that he had told me about it a little sooner than now.

18th June 2001, 07:02
3. kvartal




18th June 2001, 07:06
Hmm... now the image that wouldn't load earlier is removed from the page I mentioned in the first post.

Yep, the preview says the card is going to be available from 3rd quarter for 160 US$.

18th June 2001, 07:29
what are the specs? i think it says geforce 2mx and 2 pipelines each?

18th June 2001, 07:52
I've ran the page trough an translator and this is the result.

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2">
Of which you are [Matrox] buff so known you by warrant good that that is a lot for a long time the paper that [Matrox] is come by a new [grafikkort] and that grate yourself certainly by G400 and G450 is gradually known that [være] decline awhile in arrears at a pinch [ydelse]. You've certainly too consulted all the rumours there has been at [nettet] round successor and i can be fast bring to light that some of they has been real and others has been all wrong. That next card from [Matrox] is called that you very likely as early as has guessed G550 and aren't righted against [highend] [gamers] however directs against bureau spending and [hjemmebrugere] do not have that heavy demand to pretend to be 3D games. That new to G550 As mentioned before is G550 no righted against [gamers] however there's when after come awhile improvements by that [vil] do the card awhile better [attraktivt] that pretend to be at. Here thinking i at that every from they 2 [pipelines] actually have the possibility of that depict 2 [textures] every, there's a improvement to relationships to G450 that only depict 1 a [pipeline]. This brings the academics [fillrate] onto a level there implied round that [GeForce] 2 MX has however it is difficult that tell when [Matrox] never drops where a lot of [MHz] their [grafikkort] runs by. Where they actually innovations shall reside are you fitness from novel technology there are accessed [HeadCasting] [Engine]. Card told is [HeadCasting] [Engine] a number hardware functions there matters that it is possible that interpret speak by [Internettet] to a brain there agitates the lips catching there speak. I've noted a [demo] from the functionality amid my attendance at [Cebit] in March and of which that appears that [være] awhile so good to the realty so think i at that it'll become a great success. [HeadCasting] [Engine] As mentioned before so is [HeadCasting] [Engine] that all heavy to G550. According to [Matrox] [vil] there [være] a tall number application chances by that engineering. It is at any rate no specifically difficult that imagine themselves that decent in lieu of that only get a string of which decent speaker by friends by [nettet] so gets decent too a brain forth there even agitates the lips and others parties from the face catching there speak. the technic works known that there get benchmark to the voice and it is therefore no necessitated that should pour whole bulk facts by [nettet]. Ie that decent [vil] could employ they enclosed programs and [HeadCasting] [Engine] together with a 56[k] modem. You are therefore no forced to that orchard a [højhastighedslinie] to get a good output. To get a better photo realistic portrait has that been necessitated that extend the [Vertex] [Shader] there's a part from [DirectX] 8,0 so that G550 supports 256 table whatever is pronounced beyond they 96 that DX8 spending Programs All this is after no [værd] of which there no is some programs that make use of [HeadCasting] [Engine]. There's that so successfully that G550 contains all they programs there's necessitated to all only runs. [HeadPhone] [HeadPhone] is a bill there converter speak to a photo realistic brain there speaker to yourself, the platform is optimized to [HeadCasting] [Engine] and you gets therefore the optimal quality and [ydelse]. [Digimask] By [Digimask] is it possible that give rise to yours own heads to use to [HeadFone]. You can be consequently sit and talk to a friend and choose that orchard his brain to that speak to yourself. All there's demand by is 2 portraits from the person you shall orchard into the platform, a from the paper and a [forfra]. [Matrox] [Virtual] Gifts by [PowerPoint] [PowerPoint] is highly used to that get introductions by however what actually of which you no can be [være] there to that introduce the? I see putting you yourself down ahead your THE PC'S and speak they comments there shall [være] by. Once you've [indtalt] the comments is it actuals possible that pour the presentation by [e]-[mail]. The recipient requires no sometime orchard a G550 card to one machine, he [vil] could play back the presentation after, only no to equal quality that of which there were a G550 to his machine. Conclusion Catching i actually has read press release through so stands that correct evident by me that G550 no shall [være] a card to they there only [vil] pretend to be computer, actuals stands there no spot anything about games so it is no a item there has been importantly by [Matrox]. That there has been [fokuseret] at is that supply with a good card to [kontormaskiner] contemporary by put on the market some gash functions there upcoming those spending to good. However ie after no that that no is possible that pretend to be by the card has ca. equal [ydelse] that a [GeForce]2 MX and naturally so is there settled the good quality that [Matrox] is known by. [Matrox] G550 [vil] could is bought to3. quarter and spend 1395 [kr]. </font>

18th June 2001, 08:01
it reads a little difficult http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

i hope that headcasting thing is a joke, i cant imagine anyone buying a video card for that, but maybe thats just me

mx speed would have been enough for me end of last year, but by now it seems to slow for a new video card.

well, tomorrow we will know more (or at least know that we wont know more for another while :rolleyes http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

18th June 2001, 08:42
how funny ... all the links above now point to a "This page has been moved" message.


18th June 2001, 10:09
But he's right, I am witness - when I visited, the broken graphic and link still existed http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif


18th June 2001, 10:12
Right click on the bottom right of page http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

18th June 2001, 10:15
You mean the transparent image? I don't know about you, but I don't think it's interesting at all...

18th June 2001, 10:18
Heh. Yes, I too did manage to hit the link before it disappeard.

As for the danish stuff.
The review seems to be a short synapsis of a pressrelease. Its mostly concentarted around the headcasting engine.
Only part interesting for gamers, is the support for 256 level shaders under DX8 - wich is the most so far by any card.

All the neccesary software for using headcasting is included in the package, as well as an export/merge function to use microsoft powerpoint. As a University guy, I kind of look forward to being able to hold an entire lecture from my coozy home. Just hitch up the projector, set it to go off at a quarter past, and head for supper.. Lol.


18th June 2001, 11:57
anyone know danish better than a babblefish http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

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18th June 2001, 13:12
I seriously don't think this guy was on a NDA ... that Headcasting thing was the same thing that the guy on Chicks hardware said .
maybe he took this rumor/article too seriously..


18th June 2001, 13:18
This headcasting thing was the same thing the guy at Chicks hardware said , so i strongly believe what that this preview is fake ..

and i'm sure he wasn't under NDA if you ask me ..

( sorry if there's a double post , seems it f*cked on me )

18th June 2001, 13:27
Oooooooh! its gone! (the link to the G550 page.....it was there, honest!

Now I am slightly excited! Maybe it was an error, that was rapidly corrected!

(oh and I meant that I was being frivolous in my post--not Pede. sorry for the ambiguity)

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Liquid Snake
18th June 2001, 13:31
Hmm. So they definitely monitor these forums! Maybe they get their ideas for future products from these forums...?

18th June 2001, 13:38
And just to clarify what was there (for those people who arrived late http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif ), open these 2 pages:



You'll notice that the first has a banner on the right, linking to Matrox awards.

The second has no banner, BUT there used to be a blank picture there (red X) of the same size, linking this page:


....as Pede pointed out.

If we're right, I bet that banner reappears tomorrow http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

18th June 2001, 13:46
... and as Jim pointed at, the bottom right of the page now has the "revealing" link to http://www.matrox.com/mga/media/common/transparent_pixel.gif .

18th June 2001, 14:10
Price isn't too bad on it either....did a converison on the price given in Kroner and it equals out to ~$160 USD.


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18th June 2001, 14:36
$160 ... yep, that's what Pede said above.

18th June 2001, 14:46
Did I really say I knew this guy who wrote the preview? http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

If he is really under NDA why has he posted this information now? As far as I understand he's not allowed to say anything about the G550 before Matrox announces it - or am I wrong here?

By the way - the author of the preview is on vacation so another guy at the site has posted the article for him. Mayby this other guy screwed up bigtime and posted the preview a day too early?

18th June 2001, 16:07
I was just surfing around at the Matrox web, and on this page I found something interresting:


Now click on the image which doesn't load. The page it refers to however doesn't exist, but the URL is kinda interresting...


Get it? (g550_feature.cfm)

The location of the image (which doesn't load) is quite interessting too...


There it is again - (intro_millg550.gif)

So I guess the M people are getting ready to announce the G550, huh? http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

18th June 2001, 16:09
Cool !!

Very good job, thank you. I do have hope now.


18th June 2001, 16:12

I've tried reloading the page i few times and the image seems to change - however none of them actually load. But the page it (the image) refers to is still the same.


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18th June 2001, 16:13
Try this:



Sorry, Im being frivolous, but the mystery picture in the first page is kinda interesting. But are you sure this aint a hoax, cos this would seem like a notice error for a company sooooooo secretive about their products...

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18th June 2001, 16:46
Illusion[Spirit]: If they indeed launch their card tomorrow, this could be an error during preparation for the site update that's due tomorrow. Simply take it as a good sign http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

(maybe chick was right...)