View Full Version : G450 32MB DDR and 3DMARK2001

Digital Force
14th March 2001, 11:04
I have a score of 960 in win2k.... it isn't much...
How many points do you get......

Asus A7V/TB800/256MB 133mhz/G450

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14th March 2001, 12:06
Relocated to the Benchmarks forum...

14th March 2001, 15:18
Yep - I get around the same score on my brother's P3-550, 128Mb PC100, Abit BX6, G450 win2k machine...


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14th March 2001, 18:42
i got 1083 on a vanilla g400 in win2k, but it might have had some help from the 256Mb of ram and th oc'ed 850 celeron...

not sure, but that's what i got

Sir Hitech
14th March 2001, 20:44
1608 with my G400MAX, Win2K, dual 1.09GH PIII, and 256mb RAM.

2675 with my Asus GeForce2 32mb, 1.1GH SlotA Athlon, Win98SE, 256mb Ram.

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