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24th January 2001, 22:36

25th January 2001, 15:43
http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/tongue.gif Was about time, wasn't it ? http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/tongue.gif

But big THANX for the note, cos I seem to be the first and thus the fastest G450 owner of the world ... http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

Have a look and notice that my CPU only ran @ 850 !




... and according to Powerstrip, I used the following clock settings


Wheeee ... #1 !



25th January 2001, 17:34
Fastest ? Oh yeah ? This is only slightly
overclocked, 151/190 MHz. Still waiting
oc-program that allows set speeds to 190/190MHz.

CPU Intel Pentium III 896MHz

3D Accelerator Matrox Millennium G450 DualHead - English

Chipset Matrox G450

Resolution 1024x768 16 bit

Z-Buffer Depth 16-bit

Frame Buffer Triple

Refresh Rate V Sync.Off

CPU Optimization Intel(R) Pentium(R) III

3DMark Result 3010 3D marks

CPU Speed 285 CPU 3D marks

Game 1 - Helicopter - Low Detail 58.35 FPS

Game 1 - Helicopter - Medium Detail 40.67 FPS

Game 1 - Helicopter - High Detail 17.36 FPS

Game 2 - Adventure - Low Detail 52.50 FPS

Game 2 - Adventure - Medium Detail 47.24 FPS

Game 2 - Adventure - High Detail 34.71 FPS

Fill Rate (Single-Texturing) 275.72 MTexels/s

Fill Rate (Multi-Texturing) 275.91 MTexels/s

High Polygon Count (1 Light) 2,913 KTriangles/s

High Polygon Count (4 Lights) 2,430 KTriangles/s

High Polygon Count (8 Lights) 2,131 KTriangles/s

8MB Texture Rendering Speed 167.41 FPS

16MB Texture Rendering Speed 161.30 FPS

32MB Texture Rendering Speed 122.23 FPS

64MB Texture Rendering Speed 94.67 FPS

Bump Mapping (Emboss, 3-pass) 68.69 FPS

Bump Mapping (Emboss, 2-pass) 90.82 FPS

Bump Mapping (Emboss, 1-pass) 155.18 FPS

Bump Mapping (Environment) 78.88 FPS

Published Yes

Compare URL:

26th January 2001, 16:53
Awesome score !!!

At least, I could get another few points when upping my Celly and the G450 a bit more ... http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif




26th January 2001, 18:36
Nice score, how you tweak your fillrate
and how you take those picture captures,
i'm having some problems with my "new" mobo
settings but when i get it running scores should go up slightly.
I had AOpen AX6BC running 800@896 and it
booted 936 with some games crashing, now
i have Asus P3B-F that should be better mobo
with voltage tweaking but having serious
problems to get it run even 880MHz..
well lets see how it goes....

btw that cable to the G450's heat sink, does
it have voltage outlet, looks like it has
three pins only one in use, g.


27th January 2001, 03:55
3380 default 3D2000 marks:-)

G400 (non-MAX) core 146MHz, mem 183MHz.
PIII 866, P3B-F, Win98 and PC133-222 memory. I'm sure I can get more, but this is realy stable. But since i'm very curious i'll try some higher settings. If i don't tweak the G400 the score is 3070 (10% less).

27th January 2001, 08:25
Yepsitme, I use the standard voltage settings. My PIII 866 is actual a 650@866@1.65V. The I/O is also standard (Asus boards have a slight higher I/O voltage as the average BX). I've never experienced stability issues. And for a stable G400 i use the AGP*1 setting (and MGA tweak :-)

27th January 2001, 16:59
abaddon, what are your bios settings
with P3B-F, voltage etc. I have stability
problems with mobo, 100MHz to 115MHz runs fine with agp forced to 1, mem 2-2-2, but
rising voltage above 1.70 or agp to 2
= problems.