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21st May 2001, 02:37
Will we on the THINK project ever get a stats page of our own , like S@H and G@H ?

Now the question.

On the THINK screen in the upper right says "4 hits" . What does it means ?

And what is a conformer ?

Why im my screen says 240 points and int stats page says 241 pointe ? Never mind the small difference but why does it happen and what's is the correct ?

21st May 2001, 14:10
For hits & conformers, take a look here:

23rd May 2001, 15:53
Ok I am the webmaster of matroxusersxperiments.homestead.com
long I know-- and I forgot that theres a utility that alows you to take screen shots of your active window but believe me its easy to check your stats when you get a new chunk of data simply log in through
and then click on Matrox User Xperiments thats the link direct to our team page and lists the current stats but I will get those stats for ya and post here later
ok pumpkin http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

ps.rattledagger what kind of computer r u using over a year of computing time!!!

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