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13th October 2000, 11:34
what computers/country stats topic!

P3 700@980
P3 450@560
P3 500@535
PII 266

"oldtimers" p100


P3 850@1000
P3EB 800@800 (133)
Cel 366@550

"oldtimers" P133

Other (Sometimes)
P3 700@1000
PII 266

Country stats #183 (Finland)

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13th October 2000, 12:00
Looks nice Guru .

I think seti is for us that have brains and use our comp and donīt turn them of all the time when we donīt use them =) sori to brainless .



13th October 2000, 12:24
Currently P2-350 and P3-500 but the P3 is doing lots of stuff at the moment so very low output and I'll be losing it soon.


13th October 2000, 13:31
PIII 650@910 ver3 CLI(mine)
PIII 600@744 ver2.70GUI
Celeron 300A@450 ver3 GUI
Celeron 500 ver3 CLI
Celeron 500 ver3 CLI
Celeron 500 ver3 CLI
Athlon 500 ver2.70GUI
Athlon 500 ver2.70GUI
Athlon 600 ver2.70GUI

All machines are Part Time. The Celeron 500's are not a constant source, I lose them frequently(at a school).

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13th October 2000, 13:44
Coppermine 750 cB0@1050 CLi 3.0 24/7
Coppermine 650 cA2@806 CLi 3.0 24/7
Katmai 500@560 CLi 3.0 24/7
PII 300 (66MHz) CLi 3.0 24/7
3xPII 266 {66MHz) CLi 3.0 24/7

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13th October 2000, 16:52
All stats with ver.3
Machines: dual-p3-600 and dual-p2-333 running nt-cmd-v3.
Results: 329wu, place 129.851
Murc: place 145
Country: >1000 (Norway)
Domain: Main: 21; sub: 1; sub-sub: 2

13th October 2000, 17:29
Intel boxes are cmd line 3, RS/6000s are 2.4 (no v3 available yet http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif)

my account
P3 700E(CB0)@933 - 24/7
IBM ThinkPad 600x Mobile P3 650 - 24/7
P2 400@448 - 24/7
43P-260 RS/6000 2x200Mhz - v. part time
(200 mhz and takes about 6 hours/wu....)

old timers
2X RS/6000 43P-150 375Mhz - 24/7 atm
(375Mhz and 13.5 hours/wu....)
RS/6000 43P-150 375Mhz - out of action
RS/6000 B50 375Mhz - out of action
RS/6000 SP5 4X375Mhz - out of action

the 375Mhz machines are an older core with
less cache and are far slower than the 200Mhz machine... strange huh? http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

I'll be adding some more RS/6000s in the next couple of weeks, dunno what they will be yet though

13th October 2000, 18:52
Let's see...
coppermine 733 - linux v3
coppermine 667@750 - NT cmdline v3
pentium 233mmx - NT cmdline v3
RS/6000 Dual Power3 200MHz x 6 - AIX v2.4
lost my quad sun, quad HP and 2 quad xeons http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif
soon to swap the RS/6000's for 6 quad xeon 700s I think.

14th October 2000, 00:36
Ok, here are Alpha Centauri's comps:

1x Thunderbird 700@977(OH BABY http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif)(16/7)
1x Coppermine 600@600 (24/7)
1x K6-2+ 500@560 (24/7)
1x PII-400@400 (24/7)
1x PII 233@266 (24/7)
1x Celeron 300A@300 (24/7)
1x Celeron 300A@450 (24/7)

and some spare PC's which are sometimes noz in use.

All PC' running V.3 CLI

Liquid Snake
14th October 2000, 10:29
Still the same as before:
P3-750@825 (110 FSB), Coppermine. 2-2-2 RAM speed. (fast units with v.3 CLI are <4 hours, slow units are >7 hours.)

P-166MMX (66 FSB), 256K off-chip L2. Not sure of WU time, I leave it on, and check on it once in a while. I believe a day for each WU. It's running v.3 CLI in Linux.

Mr D. Ackerot
14th October 2000, 13:12
P3 650@930 3-3-3 RAM

avg WU time v3, last 20, 4h 33 min


Liquid Snake
17th October 2000, 23:02
Yay! I finally convinced a stubborn family member to let me run SETI on their machine! Celeron 466, 64MB RAM. I will put SETI on it tommorow http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

17th October 2000, 23:18
Machine 1 - 24/7 PII 400, L2 set to 4, CAS 3-3-3
Machine 2 - 24/7 PIII 650, CAS 3-3-3

Machine 3 - 24/7 weekends, and at night, use it to test during working hours. Dual PIII 500 Slot I, L2 set to 2, CAS 3-3-3

Machine 4 - 24/7 some weekends, PIII 650, CAS 3-3-3

Machine 5 - Home system, run about 20 hours a week with SETI. Copper Athlon T Bird 900 at 11x100 = 1.1GHz, CAS 2-2-2, 133MHz mem bus

Machine 6 - Home firewall, about one unit a month because it crashes the system. PPro 200@233, EDO memory, CAS 3.

All in all, on a good day, I can add about 15-20WU's to the Pace3000 team.

23rd October 2000, 05:01
Jeepman: do you know exactly how many WUs you upload each day/week etc? I was just curious to see how much each member is contributing. Our total output seems rather poor if that's what you are doing some of the time!