View Full Version : OK, got a free Athlon 900, but it is horrible for SETI

11th October 2000, 23:55
I got a free Athlon 900 from work. It is not multiplier locked, and I picked up a A7V to put it in.

I run at 10x100-1GHz, and the memory is set to 133MHz memory bus speed.

The problem? SetiSpy says it will take 10 hours to complete a WU using the 2.4 command line version.

Is there something I can do to tweak this?


Jeepman, member of the Pace3000 team.

12th October 2000, 01:07
Thats normal for athlons! If you wan*t to improve your times switch to 3.0! Your times should drop abaut 2-3H

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12th October 2000, 05:38
That does still sound slow though.

Try upping the FSB, if it can't handle that, then lower the multiplier, and try again.

Memory bandwidth is still a very important factor for athlons.

As an example my A700@840-112 fsb is aprox. 1hr faster than my A800@1050-105 fsb. (Of course theese are Athlon classics, so there's also a L2 cache speed issue in there)

But as Guru said, use the V3 CLI.

Sir Hitech
12th October 2000, 07:03

box is right. Increase FSB and memory speed to MAX. You should be able to reach 110 FSB easily with your T-Bird and A7V combo. Set memory latency to CAS2 if possible. Use 3.0 CL you should able to do sub 5 hours with optimized system setup.

Running Athlon(classic) 10x112=1120mhz memory @ 150mhz CAS2, 4:45-5:40 with 2.4CL and 3:50-4:20 with 3.0CL.

12th October 2000, 09:25
Thank you all,

I will try all the tips tonight. And, I will convert my boxes at work to the 3.0 cl.

I just wish I could install SETI as a service on some of the other systems, but it would be noticed when somebody tries to figure out what is using 100% CPU! http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

Electric Amish
13th October 2000, 08:44
Hmmmm... That sounds awfully slow.

My Classic Athlon 700@741mhz (106FSB Memory maxed) running the gui win9x 2.4version will crank out a WU in 6-7 hours.


13th October 2000, 18:02
OK, switched to the 3.0 cli and set the FSB to 105MHz giving a 140 memory FSB.

SetiSpy now reports that the WU will take 1.87 hours to complete. I will check the log to see how long it really took, but it does seem faster!

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13th October 2000, 18:07
My fathers Athlon 700 classic(1/2 speed L2 cache) on an Abit KA7 would manage Wu times of around 6.5-7 hrs.This was with 133MHz mem bus,CAS2 ,turbo for 6.5hrs ,normal for 7 hrs.CLi v2.4

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